Five Mistakes You Are Making During The Summer

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Summer is a time for fun, sunbathing, going on adventures and creating everlasting memories. The no-school season is often our only chance to unwind and relax, but that doesn't always mean that we can forget about all of our worries or that we magically learn how to better take care of ourselves.

How to Make the Perfect Iced Tea

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If you are a tea lover, you probably are aware of the fact that tea can also be consumed cold and that iced tea is one of the best things you can turn to when it comes to cooling off during hot summer days.

Sun, Fun and Good Food: Tips for All-Inclusive Holidays

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Summer is all about having fun and traveling to wonderful and exciting places, making new memories, and spending time with our loved ones. After we’ve worked all year to reach our weight goals and have the perfect summer bodies

The Summer Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarian diets are slowly but steady becoming a part of the weight loss industry recommendations, with more and more nutritionists speaking about their benefits, especially during the summertime. Following a vegetarian diet for the months of summer can help you lose between five to eight kilograms and can help your body deal with the heat.

Fancy a Salad? Reasons for Having one Salad a Day

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Salad is one of the most delicious, easy to make and versatile dish. Regardless of your food tastes, there is certainly a salad out there for you!

Healthy Tips for Lazy People

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Sometimes, being lazy is not that bad. But what do you do about the negative impacts that a sedentary lifestyle can have on your body and your health?

Everything You Need to Know About the Water Diet

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As unusual as it may sound, you can lose weight with just water. Not only that, but you can also maintain weight with the help of water, thus offering your body the healthy state it needs. Plus, you get

Ten Compelling Reasons to Start Jogging Today

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Sometimes we find thousands of reasons for not exercising, from being too tired, not having enough free time to being too sleepy in the morning. Your jogging shoes are not right, you don’t have enough space to exercise

Short Detoxing Diets Perfect for the Summer

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Detoxing diets are becoming more and more loved by people from all over the world, thus making dieticians and nutritionists come up with a wider range of diets, so that everyone can find the perfect match and enjoy the healthy benefits of a detox diet.

Beach Cardio and Outdoor Workouts: the Key to a Perfect Summer Body

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When we were children, there was nothing that could stop of from spending all of our days in the great outdoors, taking in the sun and enjoying the wind’s delicate touches.

Healthy Summer Beverages for Getting Over Your Fizzy Drinks Addiction

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With summer getting hotter and hotter from one day to another, most of us turn to our fizzy drinks addiction to get us through these torrid days and keep us chilled and hydrated.