With summer getting hotter and hotter from one day to another, most of us turn to our fizzy drinks addiction to get us through these torrid days and keep us chilled and hydrated. Regrettably, all that fizzy drinks do for us is to slow our metabolism, increase our heat discomfort and make us addicted to sugar.

Happily, there are loads of alternatives to the classic ice-cold fizzy drink for the summer, alternatives that are not only healthy but also particularly delicious. Unleash your ingenuity and create healthy summer drinks for you and your friends using your favorite tea flavors or fruits. But first, check out Teatox’s suggestions for a healthy, hydrated and chilled summer:

Green Tea with Jasmine and Ice Cubes

Green tea is one of the best healthy-delicious summer drinks due to its antioxidant and invigorating properties, but also due to the fact that it goes well in almost any combination. Add jasmine and ice cubes, and you have a great drink for keeping the heat away. If you miss sugar, you can add a bit of honey into the mix. Replace the green tea with a Teatox product and enjoy the benefits of a healthy summer drink that will shape your body and energize your mind.

Mint Lemonade

Who doesn’t love a good lemonade during the summer? Aside from its vitamin C content and alkaline properties inside of your body, lemons are also a revitalizing ingredient for any summer thirst-quencher, not to mention beneficial and mouthwatering. Add mint to your lemonade for even more health benefits, such as helping your digestive system function accurately. As long as you stay away from store-bought lemonades and only use natural sweeteners such as organic honey, there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying a refreshing lemonade each day.

Watermelon and Lime Juice

Watermelon is a marvelous ingredient for your health-giving summer pick-me-ups. It helps your body and delights your tastes buds. In fact, because it is so delicious it is the best ingredient in a healthy drink that it is meant to cool you and, most importantly, help you overcome your fizzy drinks addiction. Mix watermelon and the juice of an average-size lime in a blender, and you will have a flavorsome and good-looking drink in no time. Dress up the combo with mint leaves and funky-shaped ice cubes and serve the juice during beach parties or casual summer gatherings; you will become the ideal host.

Infused Water

If you can’t figure out how to overcome your fizzy drinks dependence without adding too many fruit-juices to your diet than infused water is the magic little helper you are looking for. From cucumber to strawberry water, there is no limit to the flavors other than your imagination and personal preferences. It will keep your healthy, hydrated and energized, plus it will offer you all the assurances of a homemade drink and not have you worrying about foul secret constituents. Mix your ingredients with ice cubes, basil/mint plus water, and leave it to infuse for at least two hours. If you cannot wait, crush the leaves and tear up the fruits a little, so that the water gets to soak up all those wonderful flavors.

There you have it, healthy and delicious summer drinks that can be prepared with ease and in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are making them to help you get over your fizzy drinks addiction, keep you chilled during the summer, impress your friends or teach your children that healthy can be also delicious, these summer beverages are an amazing choice for the hot season.

Don’t forget to add drinking Teatox to your summer habits and share photos of your mouthwatering thirst-quenchers with us via social media using #teatoxaustralia and #summer hashtags.

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