Everything You Need to Know about the Benefits of Vegetable Milk - Teatox Australia

Everything You Need to Know about the Benefits of Vegetable Milk

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Nutritionists have been debating for years whether milk is good for our diets or not, and although most results show that adults can’t digest milk, most of us still include it in our daily diets and consider it healthy.

Yo-Yo Diets and Why You Should Think Twice Before Considering Them - Teatox Australia

Yo-Yo Diets and Why You Should Think Twice Before Considering Them

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When embarking on a weight loss journey, lots of people find themselves mesmerised by the apparently wonderful effects of yo-yo dieting and all those diets that seem strict enough to actually make a difference. But do we really need strict diets to lose weight? And most importantly, what do those diets do to our mind and body?

How to Prepare the Best Weight Loss Smoothie - Teatox Australia

How to Prepare the Best Weight Loss Smoothie

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For several years now, smoothies have been the talk of the town when it comes to healthy alternatives for active and busy people looking to better their lifestyles. But as we have previously covered in some of our articles, a smoothie is not necessarily the best option when it comes to weight loss or diets that require you to eat less to no sugar, because of all the fruits that go into it.

Five Mistakes You Are Making During The Summer

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Summer is a time for fun, sunbathing, going on adventures and creating everlasting memories. The no-school season is often our only chance to unwind and relax, but that doesn't always mean that we can forget about all of our worries or that we magically learn how to better take care of ourselves.

Sun, Fun and Good Food: Tips for All-Inclusive Holidays

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Summer is all about having fun and traveling to wonderful and exciting places, making new memories, and spending time with our loved ones. After we’ve worked all year to reach our weight goals and have the perfect summer bodies

Healthy Meals on the Go: Five-Minute Lunch Ideas for Your Diets

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Are you always on the run and end up eating processed foods that are not only low in nutrients but also jeopardize your weight loss or detox diets?

Office Exercises That Help You Regain Your Balance

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Medical researchers are beginning to refer to sitting as the new smoking. It's a known fact that spending a lot of hours trapped in an office, without even having time to stand up from your chair can be extremely dangerous for your health but what can you do when you need to work?

Midnight Cravings: Can You Get Rid of Your Sweet Tooth?

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All diets tell us what to eat and when, but very few of them tell us what to do in the face of real challenges such as our midnight cravings for something sweet. As the day goes by, and

How to Avoid Sagging Skin After Losing Weight

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The appearance of sagging skin is without a doubt the only drawback of losing weight. You can avoid this from happening by following a few easy steps such as losing weight gradually, hydration yourself and taking better care of your skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt and Why You Should Add it to Your Daily Diet

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Have you heard of the wonderful crystal that comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains? Pink salt has a multitude of health benefits and can definitely be a great alternative to the regular salt that we all use for our cooking pleasures.

Eight Foods That You Should Eat Less Often

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Who doesn’t love fast-food meals, sweets or fizzy drinks? We’re all tempted to have a guilty snack from now and then, but what do you do when your guilty pleasure turns into your everyday meal? Are bad foods influencing the way you lose weight and keep your body fit?

The Summer Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarian diets are slowly but steady becoming a part of the weight loss industry recommendations, with more and more nutritionists speaking about their benefits, especially during the summertime. Following a vegetarian diet for the months of summer can help you lose between five to eight kilograms and can help your body deal with the heat.