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Nutritionists have been debating for years whether milk is good for our diets or not, and although most results show that adults can’t digest milk, most of us still include it in our daily diets and consider it healthy.

Aside from all the scientific debates, there is no doubt that milk is an important part of our healthy lifestyle, which is why we here at Teatox have decided to tackle this topic and tell you a little bit about vegetable milk and its wonderful benefits, as a replacement for regular milk. Lacking animal fats and high in nutrients, vegetable milk is the best alternative for replacing animal milk. Not only that, but it is also a tasty choice, and can add variety to a boring diet. Let’s find out more:

Vegetable Milk has no Cholesterol

High levels of bad cholesterol are not to be messed with, especially when correlated with other not-so-good blood results, which is why it is always best to look for dietary alternatives when it comes to foods with high cholesterol levels. But did you know that vegetable milk has no cholesterol? Aside from coconut milk, which is high in vegetable fats, all the other vegetable milk have no cholesterol and are an excellent addition to your diet if you are looking to lower bad cholesterol levels. Also, soy milk helps you regulate your bad cholesterol levels, thus diminishing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Vegetable Milk is High in Essential Fatty Acids

You hear and read a lot about essential fatty acids and their benefits, but the truth is that, aside from fish, we usually don’t know where to find these fats, and how to introduce them in our diets. More than three-quarters of the fats in vegetable milk are unsaturated, which makes it indispensable for our general health state and the health of our body’s cells.

Vegetable Milk Contains High-Quality Proteins

Did you know that soy milk contains all the essential amino acids? With 4% protein content, same as cow milk, soy milk is one of the best alternatives to animal milk when it comes to high-quality proteins. Same goes for almond milk and nuts milk. The only vegetable milk that is pretty low in proteins is rice milk, but that doesn’t mean rice milk is not also an excellent choice.

Vegetable Milk is Great for Boosting Your Energy Levels

Due to its glucose content, vegetable milk helps you boost the energy in your muscles and brain. You can find it in rice milk, oat milk, and even in chestnut milk, which is also extremely delicious.

Vegetable Milk Provides You with Quality Calcium

One of the main reason for consuming animal milk is that we think we will benefit from all the calcium it contains, but as it turns out, medical professionals have demonstrated that, beyond childhood, people can’t digest milk, nor assimilate its calcium as good as we did when we were children. Thankfully, vegetable milk contains the same amount of calcium as animal milk, calcium which our bodies can assimilate better. Nuts milk and almond milk are the ones with the highest calcium levels from all vegetable milk, so make sure to always use it for your smoothies, coffee, or tea.

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent alternatives to animal milk, alternatives which are not only delicious but even more beneficial than the milk we are used to, so there’s no reason to either replace it or alternate for a healthier lifestyle. Vegetable milk is amazing in smoothies, great in your coffee, or just as is; and can be a great alternative for people with dairy allergies, or for people who feel that consuming animal milk is slowing down their weight loss process.


What is your favourite vegetable milk and how do you usually use it in your diet? Share your thoughts with us via Facebook or Instagram, and don’t forget to try one of our Teatox blends for a boost of energy and a speedier weight loss. Stay fit and toned this summer with vegetable milk and a Teatox a day, for the perfect summer body all year long.

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