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When it comes to keeping our energy levels intact, things can get challenging as we spare a great deal of our energy and time in hectic daily tasks, especially when we have to balance out work, family or personal time. If you, like most people, often experience energy crashes throughout the day (and especially in the afternoon), you can incorporate a few dietary and lifestyle changes into your daily routine to make sure you keep your energy levels in balance. Here's how:

Eat Small Healthy Snacks. Eating little low carb and nutritious snacks throughout the day, and particularly every couple of hours, will keep your body fuelled without necessarily adding too many calories that make you feel bloated or lead to weight gain. Some great little healthy snacks to munch on at home or at work include carrot or celery sticks, a small cup of low-fat fruit flavored greek yoghurt, nuts and seeds (walnuts, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc), dried fruit, popcorn and dark chocolate bites. Even if energy crash hits you, this is the quickest and healthiest way to boost up your energy levels.

Drink Nutrient Dense Liquids. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as not drinking enough water and liquids is linked with late day fatigue, headaches, and other similar symptoms. However, besides water, it would also be beneficial if you drink healthy and nutrient-dense liquids with a low amount of calories like our teatox blend, or even a smoothie. If you can blend some tea with fruit for a tea smoothie, then even better - you’ll have yourself a healthy and delicious drink that will keep you energized for hours.

Avoid Sugar or Caffeine. Most people typically have at least one cup of coffee with sugar daily, especially for breakfast or during working hours. However, both caffeine and sugar either separately or combined together lead to a temporary spike of energy that lasts only a couple of hours at best - after that the energy dramatically drops and you end up feeling more tired and fatigued than before. Same goes with other stimulant drinks and substances like energy drinks, alcohol and herbs that contain caffeine and stimulant compounds. If you can’t completely abandon your daily dose of coffee, you can drink a caffeine-free variety sweetened optionally with honey, agave syrup or stevia instead of white sugar. You can also add some vegetable milk instead of cow milk for extra nutrients, minus the calories.

Take A Small Nap. It is important to maintain a healthy sleep cycle as sleeping too much or too little will be disastrous to your daily energy levels. However, in cases where you didn’t sleep well the night before or you are starting to feel tired already, take a small nap of 30-45 minutes so you can recover and recharge your batteries. Taking a small nap also puts your body in idle mode and you waste on average less than 40 calories in a 30-minute nap (depending on your body weight) so that equals to minimal energy waste. 

Listen to Music. Listening to your favorite music tracks can instantly put you in a great mood and make you feel more energized and ready to handle any tasks that follow. Some people also like to listen to music while working or doing chores so if that works for you, perfect. Just make sure you only listen to positive tracks that will boost your mood and de-stress you so you feel more happy and productive rather than negative and stressed out.

Do you have your own ideas on avoiding daily energy crashes? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook or Instagram page, and don’t forget to try one of our amazing Teatox products for a daily boost of energy and assistance with weight loss.

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