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Supresses the appetite*

Feel fuller for longer resulting in less calories consumed daily.

Reduces bloating*

Relieves the discomfort of bloating and decreases water retention.

Detoxifies the body*

Flushes out unwanted toxins and boosts immune system health.

Caffeine & Laxative Free

Our blend is free of caffeine, laxatives and gluten.

All Natural Ingredients

100% natural ingredients. No added preservatives or additives.

100% Vegan

Cruelty free & suitable for a vegan diet!

Free eBook with every purchase

With every purchase you will receive our 50 page eBook which includes your teatox starter guide + comprehensive eating plan & exercise guide.

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Make a difference

Teatox has partnered with i=Change to help give back and make a difference in the world. We make a $1 contribution with every order to the charity of your choice.


All natural ingredients

Learn more about the powerful ingredients that make our tea so special by clicking the link below.

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