Hawthorn (also known as Crataegus Monogyna) is a medicinal plant that contains high concentrations of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, basically all that your body needs to stay healthy and in perfect shape, which is why it is an important ingredient in our Teatox blends.

Let’s see what the main benefits of hawthorn are, and why we choose it for our Teatox blend.

The History of Hawthorn

The hawthorn is a bush that usually grows spontaneous at the side of the road and is often used to build live fences, especially in Europe, and it can reach up to 10 m in height. In the past, hawthorn was used as ornamental crowns for weddings and it was said that it will bring happiness for the bride and groom. Also, the hawthorn was places in the rooms or beds of new-born babies, in order to protect them from evil spirits.

One of the most popular plants when it comes to alternative medicine, the hawthorn has been used since ancient times as an effective remedy for a wide range of conditions. The Romans and Greeks used it to treat heart and liver diseases and to cure their insomnia. In Chinese medicine, hawthorn fruits were used to treat the imbalances of the mind and body, and was also considered to be one of the symbols of hope and fruitfulness. Alternative medicine uses the flowers, leaves and fruits of the hawthorn because they are high in vitamins B and C, organic acids, and volatile oils.

Hawthorn’s Health Benefits

Hawthorn tea is usually recommended for people who suffer from various heart conditions, due to the active substances that stimulate and improve the blood circulation, but also due to the fact that it can prevent local muscle spasms and cure inflammations. Hawthorn has also proven to be effective in the case of conditions of the venous system.

When it comes to your immune system, there’s nothing better than hawthorn tea to improve it and keep you safe from infectious diseases. Alongside a balanced diet and exercise, the hawthorn can become your most powerful ally and immune system strengthener, especially during the winter season.

Are you experiencing anxiety or nervous episodes? Hawthorn is the plant for you: its active substances have a soothing effect on your central nervous system, thus becoming a natural sedative and fighter against anxiety.

Hawthorn and Its Weight Loss Benefits

One of the most important reasons that helped us choose the hawthorn for our Teatox products was its amazing benefits when it comes to weight loss and detoxing the body. Not only does hawthorn help you lose weight, but it also helps your digestive system function perfectly, prevents water retention and, finally, reduces cellulite. Studies show that if you drink it regularly, hawthorn tea can reduce the risk of obesity and can be a true ally for leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Since there are no known side-effects of hawthorn, this wonderful plant is indeed one of the best things to have in a detoxing tea blend.


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