Radishes are delicious root vegetables that also have an important part in alternative medicine, especially Ayurveda, but did you know that their seeds are used for more than just growing radishes?

Let’s see why radish seeds are an important ingredient in our Teatox blend, and how this herb can help you with your weight loss process:

Radish Seed Description and History

Lai Fu Zi, as they are known in Mandarin, are not only important for growing radishes, but also play a key role in traditional medicine, as an herb that can help your body heal from various conditions, such as indigestion. Growing in all Chinese provinces, this plant has become famous in the 19th century, when Zhang Xi Chun, a world-known physician talked about the benefits of the seeds. Ever since then, radish seed has been cultivated and harvested during the summer, with the purpose of being used in various alternative medicine treatments.

The radish seed is obtained by drying the fruits of the plant, rubbing them, and cleaning them of all impurities. Once this process is performed, the seeds are once again let to dry, and can be used roasted or raw. The key is to thoroughly smash the seed before using it for decoct. The radish seed contains fatty oils that help your body function properly, stay healthy and fit.

The Health Benefits of the Radish Seed

All the ingredients in your Teatox blends are methodically chosen for their health benefits and weight loss properties, but also because they provide a natural and safe way to stay fit and lose weight, without the unwanted side effects of store-bought Teatox blends or artificial detoxing drinks. Choosing to add radish seeds to our blend was an easy decision, when you think about all the wonderful benefits that this little herb can bring.

Do you know that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, in China people say: “radishes in winter and gingers in summer keep the doctor away”. When it comes to health benefits, the radish seed has lots of them. 

Weight Loss and Radish Seed

All of the ingredients found in our Teatox blends have a common property: they help your body lose weight, get rid of the toxins and maintain a healthy weight for a longer period of time. Together with a balanced diet, drinking our blends is the key to a care-free life, a life in which you don’t have to worry about keeping severe diets in order to get into that perfect dress. But how does radish seed influence weight loss?

Aside from adding spice to your tea or salads, the radish seed have detoxifying properties, clean your blood and flush out all of the toxins from your body. By also regulating the absorption of sugar by the blood stream, the radish seeds are an important ally in any detoxing diet and help your body follow a healthy and secure path to weight loss. Add high fiber content to the mix and you found yourself a true weight loss ally in a Teatox blend that contains radish seeds.


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