Finding a natural and healthy way to accelerate your weight loss process can be a real challenge, especially with the amount of pills and supplements available on the market today, not to mention all those unhealthy diets. Teatox products are not only natural, organic and made of the finest herbs and ingredients, but can also support you during your diet, in a healthy and easy way.

Today, we are starting a series of articles meant to teach you all about the ingredients we use in our tea, their history and benefits and, most importantly, their role in your healthy weight loss process.

Although not as popular as green or black tea, Oolong tea is one of the most interesting and beneficial member of the tea family. Its sweet taste provides an appealing alternative to the all so classic green tea, and its added benefits are great for your body and for your weight loss diet.

History and Growing Process

There are four major regions in which Oolong tea can be found: Northern Fujian Province, Southern Fujian Province, Guangdong Province and Taiwan. The tea, as it is today, is the outcome of a significant evolution process that begins with the Tang Dynasty around the years 600-900 in the Phoenix Mountain. Because of the tea’s unique aroma and health benefits it quickly became famous outside of the region and soon it was desired by everyone, from officials to scholars. Oolong tea kept on being famous also during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was not until 1725 that the Oolong tea’s method of production has been improved by tea producers in the Anxi region.

Oolong is a semi-fermented Chinese tea, made through a special process of drying and oxidation of Camellia Sinensis leaves. Once the leaves are ready they are twisted into specific shapes, giving birth to Oolong tea. Its name (oolong or Wu Long) means Black Dragon and it is also known in China as Qing Cha. The degree of fermentation of the tea can vary between 8% and 85%, depending on its assortment and mean of production.

From assortment to assortment, the taste of the Oolong tea can be sweet, fruity, honey-resembling, and woody, can have a roasted aroma, a green and fresh one, or even a floral aroma, thus making it ones of the great teas to enjoy for both its taste and its natural benefits.

Oolong Tea Benefits

Same as other teas, Oolong has a rich content of polyphenols, substances that have a wide range of health benefits. Because of the fermentation process, the amount of polyphenols found in the Oolong tea is significantly higher than in other assortments, thus acting as an extremely efficient antioxidant.

Oolong tea also protects your teeth and rejuvenates your skin. Plus, it is a marvellous metabolism accelerator, controlling your blood sugar levels and decreasing the absorption of fat in your body.

Oolong Tea and Its Fight against Obesity

Polyphenol, one of the key ingredients in Oolong tea, has been used since ancient times in the fight against obesity and weight gain in the Far East, which is why Teatox Australia uses Oolong tea as an ingredient in our natural and healthy Teatox blend. The bio-active polyphenol does wonders for your diet, helping you burn more fats, lower your bad cholesterol levels, have a healthy blood sugar level and improve the way your body reacts to a diet, to exercise and to a healthy lifestyle. The best thing about Oolong tea is that it is also excellent when it comes to reducing your appetite. As a much desired bonus, your skin will look years younger if you drink Oolong tea regularly.

With world-known benefits, especially in China and Japan, and studies that have shown the positive influence of Oolong tea on your body, you can easily use Oolong tea or our Teatox blend to replace your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Oolong tea can raise your body’s energy by 10% in comparison with green tea that only reaches 4%, thus making it an excellent alternative to unhealthy energy drinks.


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