In keeping with our newly started tradition of covering the history and benefits of all the ingredients in our Teatox products, this article will talk about the amazing Lotus leaf and its importance in weight loss treatments and detoxing diets. The Lotus flower is renowned for its beauty and for the wonderful and serene nature that accompanies it, but did you know that the Lotus leaf has a wide range of beneficial properties for your body?

Being one of the most protected secrets of traditional Chinese medicine and the world’s most sacred plant determined us to choose the Lotus leaf as an ingredient for our Teatox blend, and also due to its highly beneficial properties and its super-powers when it comes to fighting bad cholesterol and high levels of sugar in your blood.

Lotus Leaf History and Properties

An icon for Buddhists or Egyptians, the Lotus plant has always been seen as an important symbol of serenity, peace, beauty and purity, because of the way its flowers float peacefully on the water. Aside from its serene and beautiful nature, the Lotus also has a powerful side, especially when it comes to helping your body heal from various conditions, or staying healthy and fit.

From ancient times, the Lotus leaf has had an important role in alternative medicine, and has been praised by kings and queens, scholars and monks. The Lotus plant, with its bright green leaves and vibrant flowers, grows in the tropical regions of Asia, and can reach a diameter of around 30 cm. The leaves of the plant are usually gathered during the summer and autumn, then dried out in the dun and chopped into little pieces for keeping.

This slightly bitter leaf has a lot of health benefits, but its main properties are related to helping your liver and spline detox and remain healthy. Modern researches have shown that the extract from Lotus leaves can even decrease high blood pressure, and reduce muscle spasms.

Other Benefits of the Lotus Leaf

  • Helping people who suffer from diabetes
  • Healing fatty liver
  • Relieving stress and helping you sleep better
  • Reducing cramps
  • Lowering stomach acid and helping with gastric ulcers
  • Improving fertility for both men and women
  • Cooling internal organs
  • Moistening your skin

The Lotus Leaf’s Role in Weight Loss Treatments

One of the healthiest natural ingredients to turn to in the case of weight loss or detoxing diets, the Lotus leaf has powerful properties against the levels of bad cholesterol and sugar in your blood. There is even proof that the Lotus leaf was used in ancient times by traditional Chinese medicine for its weight reducing properties. The great thing about this natural weight loss ally is that it can prevent carbohydrates and fats from being absorbed, and improve the rate of your metabolism, due to its L-Carotene content.

Because of its multiple properties and active substances, the Lotus leaf represents an important ingredient in our Teatox blends, and one of the best organic and natural products to use as a helper for your weight loss and detoxing diets. In fact, Lotus leaf extracts are also found in anti-cellulite creams.


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