Sometimes you feel like regardless of the diet you are tormenting yourself with, independent of the amount of workout you’ve been doing, you are still not losing any weight. This feeling is even more frustrating during the summer because you are not only finding it hard to stay away from delicious food at summer parties, but also desire to fit into the perfect bathing suit.

Fortunately, Teatox has the right answer for you, and it does not involve spending extra hours in the gym or restricting yourself even harder from food. In our researches, we found that, with the help of a few super-foods, you can easily get rid of all that unwanted weight, all while enjoying a delicious and less boring diet. Let’s see what these super-foods are:


Not only does an apple a day keep the doctor way, but it also helps you maintain the perfect figure, or lose some of the extra weight you have been dealing with. Apples are the perfect snack before a big meal, and this snack will help you burn calories with efficiency. Plus, the antioxidants found in the apple help your metabolism function properly, and make it a bit harder for fat to stick to your body. Not to mention that apples are also great for preventing premature aging.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are the hit of the dieting industry for quite some time now, and are also the perfect solution when you need a bit of magic in your diet. Tasty and healthy, these berries have very few calories and eighteen amino acids in its composition. The goji berries are an excellent source of healthy proteins, the kind you would want to have in a diet.


Lentil, also known among the dieting industry as the “perfect abdomen” sculptor, is rich in healthy fibers, helps maintain a beneficial insulin level, and accelerate the burning of unhealthy fats.


A lot of people give up on eating oatmeal when they are starting a diet, thinking that it can’t help them lose weight, but the truth is that this is an extraordinary ally for your diet. If you want to achieve the best of results, try eating unprocessed oatmeal grains, they are less processed and contain a larger quantity of fibers.

Wild Salmon

Fish is always a great addition to your diet, but unfortunately, some of them are not coming from healthy waters, or are being feed a lot of synthetic and unhealthy foods that can do more harm than good on the long run. Wild salmon is the perfect fish to have in your diet, not only to the fact that it is crazy rich in fatty acids, the good kind of fats, but also because it is raised in the wild. Fatty acids, especially Omega-3, help improve the level of insulin in your blood, encouraging the forming and toning of your muscles and helping you burn fat that has been accumulating on your abdomen.


Although all berries are wonderful additions to your weight loss diet, blueberries are Teatox’s favorite because of their higher contain of antioxidants and fibers. Did you know that out of all the fruits, the blueberries have the topmost level of antioxidants? So now that you know, make sure to always have blueberries at hand whenever you feel like eating something fresh, delicious and healthy.

Peanut Butter

We promised you a non-dull diet, which is why the next food on your list is peanut butter. Loved my many, but set aside my most when it comes to dieting, the peanut butter has an undeserved bad reputation amidst foods. A small portion of peanut butter can significantly decrease your glycemic index. In fact, studies have shown that people who have eaten a white bread slice with peanut butter had less sugar in their blood than the ones who have eaten just the slice of bread.


Looking for a reason to have spicy food during your diets? How about the fact that it instantly fires up your metabolism? The most important ingredient in chili, capsaicin, has a high thermogenic effect, thus forcing your metabolism to burn more calories than usual. So when you are thinking how to spice up your diet, remember that chili is a great choice.


One of the super-foods that is most recommended by doctors and nutritionists, yogurt is filled with healthy fats and proteins, and can be the perfect little helper for your hunger urges, keeping you full for a longer period of time, and also maintaining an optimal level of sugar in your blood, and aiding the process of burning more calories.


Last on our super-foods list is a food that most of us find it to be delicious but extremely bad for dieting. Although many people who are on a diet turn to fat-free dairy products, it is in fact best to eat dairies that are not highly processed, it is only a matter of moderation. Real cheese will always be best than fat-free alternatives, even when it comes to your diet and parmesan is good if you want to pay attention to the amount of dairies you will be introducing in your diet.


Are you going to shift to a much healthier and more interesting diet now that you know all about the super-foods that can help you lose weight in a tasty and nutritious way?

Accompany your healthy diet with Teatox tea and the results will start showing in no time.

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