Sometimes we find thousands of reasons for not exercising, from being too tired, not having enough free time to being too sleepy in the morning. Your jogging shoes are not right, you don’t have enough space to exercise inside the comfort of your home, or the gym is too far way; all of these reasons are frequently used by most of us when it comes to working out and unfortunately, we are doing so in the detriment of our health.

It is because of these excuses that we thought about recommending you the easiest and most fun way of excising: jogging. You can jog in your favorite park, along the beach, or around your neighborhood, let’s face it, you have no reason not to do it. Here is Teatox's list of ten reasons to start jogging today:

Meeting New People, Making New Friends

One of the advantages of working out outside of your home is that you can always meet new people, find new friends and discuss your shared interests with them, such as staying healthy and fit with the help of exercises. You can exchange diets or jogging tips and who know, you might even gain a friend for life. If the idea of having a running buddy does not appeal to you, you can use your jogging sessions to spend a little bit of time with yourself, which is also beneficial for your mental health.

You Can Go Jogging Almost Anywhere

Studies have shown that the more accessible a sport is, the higher the chances that people will practice it on the long run, and jogging is the best example. Whether you are on a holiday, on a business trip or in a new city, you can go jogging anywhere, anytime, regardless of the weather.

Reaching a Goal

Exercising is ideal when it comes to training your mind and body, and the fact that you can set goals for yourself is not only entertaining but also healthy and beneficial. Take advantage of jogging and set little daily goals for yourself, and you will see the benefits of fulfilling a goal. Who know, you might even end up running a marathon.

Jogging Increases the Quality of Life

It is a known fact that practicing a sport with regularly can help you increase the quality of your life and even add years to your lifespan, so why not choose jogging to be that sport for you?

Jogging Efficiently Burns Unwanted Calories

If you are not dieting but are looking for a guilt-free way of enjoying all sorts of delicious foods, going jogging is the best solution. You can have your cake and eat it too. Instead of staying away from all the foods that you love, indulge yourself and go jogging to burn out the unwanted calories.

For the Smiles

When you work out, your body produces serotonin, also known as the substance of happiness. This substance activates when you are practicing a sport, so even a few minutes of jogging can put a smile on your face.

For a Better Memory

Learning a new language or playing word games are not the only ways in which you can train your brain and memory. It is a known fact among the scientific world that practicing a sport, even a few minutes a day, can help your memory and keep you sharp for a longer period of time. What better than jogging to jog your memory?

Jogging Brings Energy into Your Tiresome Days

Although most people think that all jogging can do is make you tired, the truth is that a few minutes of daily activity can add tons of energy to your days, keep you on your toes and able to face all that the day has to offer, so start jogging today, if you want to have more energy.

Jogging Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you keep getting up in the middle of the night? Chances are that you are not having enough exercise, since being active is linked to a healthy and uninterrupted sleeping routine. Consider going jogging if you want to chance your sleeping habits, and benefit from a night-time relaxation that can help you cope during long and busy days.

The Chance to Buy New Shoes

If you haven’t been jogging in a while or you are just starting up, this a perfect excuse for a little shopping spree. Make sure that you do buy the jogging shoes, and don’t end up getting lost in other departments, and also that you are choosing the shoes that best fit your body and your jogging needs.


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