Detoxing diets are becoming more and more loved by people from all over the world, thus making dieticians and nutritionists come up with a wider range of diets, so that everyone can find the perfect match and enjoy the healthy benefits of a detox diet.


During the summer, we are trapped between the necessity of keep ourselves healthy and looking fabulous and the craving for all the free time we can get. Let’s be honest, you would much rather be surfing or relaxing by the pool than staying at home preparing detoxing meals and engaging yourself in long and exhausting detoxing diets. But don’t worry, Teatox has the perfect solution for you: short detoxing diets that are perfect for keeping during the summer and that will not meddle with your free time. Let’s check them out:

The Six Days Vegetables Detoxing Diet

During the first two days you will need to remove from your diet the following foods: processed meats, bread, fried food, store-bought sauces, juices, sweets, pastry products and any other related treats that you know are not healthy for you. During these two days you will eat vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, chicken and sea fruits. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid feeling hungry.

For the next four days eat only raw salads, don’t add salt and drink nothing but water or black coffee. No bread, no snacks, but all the salads you can eat. The last two days of the vegetables detoxing diet are the ones that help your body readjust to cooked meals which is why you will be allowed to eat dairy products, eggs and cooked vegetables. Don’t eat meat until the seventh day.

The Six Days Fruits Detoxing Diet

This second short detoxing diet is extremely similar to the vegetable one, except for the fact that during those four days you will eat fruits instead of salads. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, drink lots of waters, and don’t cheat with ice-cream or store-bought fruit juices. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that store-bought juice is the same as the one you get at home from your fruits. Plus, fruit juice contains a lot of sugar and, whether or not it is naturally prepared, it will not help your detoxing diet. Stick to eating your fruits instead of turning them into juice during these four days of the detoxing diet.

Four Days Cleansing Detoxing Diet

This third short detoxing diet is a bit different than the first two, even if the first two days of the diet, the ones meant to prepare your body, are the same for all three diets. This cleansing detoxing diet will help your body get rid of all the toxins it has accumulated and prepare it for a healthier way of living, especially if you plan on changing your eating habits for the better this summer.

For the third and fourth day of the cleansing detoxing diet you will only eat three salads a day. You can top the salads with half a spoon of vinegar and eat them with 2 slices of whole-wheat bread. Don’t add any oil into the salads. As for the content your cleansing salad, you will need to prepare it with:

  • two handfuls of chopped dill
  • two medium-sized cucumbers
  • two spoons of flax seeds
  • half of a raw cauliflower
  • one carrot
  • one celery root
  • half of a small red beet

If you need a bit of taste in your salad replace the vinegar with lemon or lime juice and the slices of bread with a handful of croutons.


Regardless of the short detoxing diet you will choose to follow this summer, make sure that your body is up for it first, you can even see a doctor if you haven’t been to one in a long time; stay hydrated all the time, and don’t cheat. If short detoxing diets are not the thing for you, or if you feel as if they are too severe, you can start by changing your eating habits with healthier ones and introducing Teatox tea into your diet. You will not get the quick fix you were looking for but you are guaranteed to get a healthier life and body, which in reality is the best path towards a healthy and permanent weight loss.

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