The Five Day Apple Detoxing Diet

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Looking for a detoxing diet that can help you get rid of the extra weight that you gained during your vacation? The five day apple detoxing diet is just the right thing for you, especially if you had a busy summer, food-wise.

Here’s Why You Should Start Your Day with Lemon Water

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The fruits belonging to the Citrus family play an important role in our diets, we love and associate them with important moments in our lives, such as oranges and Christmas, but did you know that one particular Citrus fruit does wonders when consumed daily?

Pink Himalayan Salt and Why You Should Add it to Your Daily Diet

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Have you heard of the wonderful crystal that comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains? Pink salt has a multitude of health benefits and can definitely be a great alternative to the regular salt that we all use for our cooking pleasures.

Fancy a Salad? Reasons for Having one Salad a Day

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Salad is one of the most delicious, easy to make and versatile dish. Regardless of your food tastes, there is certainly a salad out there for you!

Short Detoxing Diets Perfect for the Summer

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Detoxing diets are becoming more and more loved by people from all over the world, thus making dieticians and nutritionists come up with a wider range of diets, so that everyone can find the perfect match and enjoy the healthy benefits of a detox diet.

Mental Detox: How to Reduce and Prevent Stress

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Your mind gets bombarded daily by thousands of little problems and, no matter if work or personal life related, they can turn into real struggles if not attended in time. Most of us

All You Need to Know about Detoxing Tea

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When you combine one of the most beautiful and long-lasting traditions of humankind with one of the biggest necessities of the modern world, you are sure to get the best of both worlds.