When you combine one of the most beautiful and long-lasting traditions of humankind with one of the biggest necessities of the modern world, you are sure to get the best of both worlds. Drinking tea and detoxing are the two elements that are rapidly becoming the stars of the healthy lifestyle. In today’s fast-paced living, taking a little time for ourselves and enjoying a cup of tea is never a bad idea, and if that cup of tea also helps both our minds and our bodies, even better!

Unfortunately, the same fast-paced living is sometimes preventing us from having all the necessary information when starting a detox diet, which is why the Teatox team has put together all the information you need to know about detoxing tea. Sit back, enjoy your tea, and check out these detoxing tea facts:

One of the Oldest and Best Detoxing Methods

Adding tea rich in antioxidants to your diet is one of the oldest and most effective detoxing method out there; both the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian Ayurvedic System of Medicine promote detox tea and recommend us to use herbs as a way of improving the functions of our body and mind. There are a lot of detoxing diets out there, but most of them are rigid, hard to follow or can even hurt your health, whereas detoxing tea helps you clean your body of toxins without doing any damages.

How to Choose the Best Detoxing Tea

There are a lot of teas that can help you detox, from dandelion to ginger tea, or combinations of various herbs. Since you are looking to clean your body and get healthier, make sure that the tea you choose does not contain sugar (they are all usually sugar free, but just in case). Whether you want to lose weight, improve the quality of your sleep, reduce cravings or increase your energy, Teatox has the right tea for you, so make sure to take a look at our tea.

Don’t Base Your Diet Solely on Tea

The harder the diet, the bigger the results, right? Be careful when applying this to detoxing diets, as they are usually more severe than regular diets. The best way to have a successful detoxification is to include vegetables and fruits in the plan; that way your body gets all the nutrients that it needs to perform. Keep in mind that a detoxing tea diet will cause you to lose a lot of water, and along with it, vitamins and minerals.

Mix and Match

Diets are never fun, but a detox tea diet will never be boring if you learn how to create various combinations and match them with your daily needs. Giving the fact that a detoxing tea diet takes longer, you will have the time to play with your tea, discover new tastes, buy new tea sets and, why not, find new places to enjoy it in.

Pay Attention to What You Are Buying

As we mentioned before, detoxing tea is becoming more and more popular, which unfortunately means that there are a lot of products out there that do more harm than good. Make sure to always offer your body the best, don’t feed it with unnecessary artificial ingredients, and check the label of the tea before buying it.

Did you ever think that something as old yet simple as tea can help your mind and body feel better, with just a few minutes a day? Create your own tea drinking ritual, take advantage of that time to let your mind run free or just relax, unwind, and let the worries of tomorrow wait a little, while you treat yourself to a journey of health, tastes and spirituality.


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