How to Make the Perfect Iced Tea

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If you are a tea lover, you probably are aware of the fact that tea can also be consumed cold and that iced tea is one of the best things you can turn to when it comes to cooling off during hot summer days.

Midnight Cravings: Can You Get Rid of Your Sweet Tooth?

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All diets tell us what to eat and when, but very few of them tell us what to do in the face of real challenges such as our midnight cravings for something sweet. As the day goes by, and

Here’s Why You Should Start Your Day with Lemon Water

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The fruits belonging to the Citrus family play an important role in our diets, we love and associate them with important moments in our lives, such as oranges and Christmas, but did you know that one particular Citrus fruit does wonders when consumed daily?

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Teatox Diet

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Created with the idea of weight loss and healthy living in mind, our Teatox blends are meant to help everyone who is trying to adjust their lifestyle and eating habits and achieve long-lasting results in terms of weight loss, body toning and health improvement.

The Summer Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarian diets are slowly but steady becoming a part of the weight loss industry recommendations, with more and more nutritionists speaking about their benefits, especially during the summertime. Following a vegetarian diet for the months of summer can help you lose between five to eight kilograms and can help your body deal with the heat.

Fancy a Salad? Reasons for Having one Salad a Day

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Salad is one of the most delicious, easy to make and versatile dish. Regardless of your food tastes, there is certainly a salad out there for you!

Five Drinks That Help Your Mind Stay Sharp

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Have you ever thought about how it would be like if you could just walk into a supermarket and choose drinks with labels such as “be stronger”, “be smarter”, “lose more weight” or “improve your mental state”?

Take the Bitter with the Sweet: Four Alternatives to Sugar in Your Tea

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Although according to most enthusiasts, tea is best served without any kind of sweetener, a lot of people still like a bit of sweetness in their cups, which is why they are finding it hard to give up on the traditional way of sweetening the tea: by adding sugar.

Healthy Summer Beverages for Getting Over Your Fizzy Drinks Addiction

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With summer getting hotter and hotter from one day to another, most of us turn to our fizzy drinks addiction to get us through these torrid days and keep us chilled and hydrated.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Tea

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People rely on tea for a wide variety of problems, from curing cuts or burns, to helping them lose weight or improve the aspect of their hair, and there are not wrong! Tea

Detoxing: The Key to Healthy Skin

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We often think that the secret behind a great skin lies in all sorts of magic creams and lotions, but most of the time, you need to look a little deeper than that. No cream will

How to Improve Your Sleeping Routine with the Help of Tea

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In order to have a peaceful sleep, we must do more than go to bed. Sometimes, things such as lighting, noise, or other exterior factors can affect the quality of our sleep, making it a burden to carry on with our work the next day.