People rely on tea for a wide variety of problems, from curing cuts or burns, to helping them lose weight or improve the aspect of their hair, and there are not wrong! Tea is a true miracle worker, not to mention a great liaison for human interactions.

The fact that we all love tea is incontestable, but are you familiar with some of its most important proprieties? The Teatox team has put together a list of ten things you need to know about tea:

Green Tea Helps With the Cold

Green tea is one of the oldest natural remedies known to man, it has been used by traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, and it is known as a fighter against the viruses of common colds. In fact, if you are a regular tea drinker, there is a change that you will not even catch a cold, since teas are great for improving the strength of your metabolism.

Oolong Tea and Black Tea are Perfect for Mornings

These two types of tea contain more caffeine than green tea, which is why it is best to drink them in the mornings. If you want, you can even replace your coffee with black tea, since it is healthier and also gives you more energy.

Tea Energizes Your Body

Whether we are talking about teas that contain a lot of caffeine, such as oolong tea, or black tea - as we mentioned above - green tea or even some tea blends, if you drink it regularly, you will have more energy and be able to last longer under stressful conditions. Not that stress is something we wish for, but if it comes our way, it is good to know how we can fight it.

Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

As long as you don’t add sugar or milk to it, tea can be quite an impressive ally in the war against extra weight. Green tea, oolong or black tea are known for their miraculous proprieties and their great results with calorie burning. Detoxing teas are also amazing when it comes to losing weight, you can check out Teatox’s detoxing products here.

Tea is the Second Most Popular Drink

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, after water, and its long and impressive history is a statement that people have always been fond of their tea drinking traditions, and will remain attached to it for a long time. Same as the morning coffee, the tea drinking ritual occupies a special place in our hearts, and sometimes, there is nothing better than a good cup of tea and a great book or your favorite music.

Tea is Not Just for Drinking

Remember when we were kids and out parents or grandparents cured our cuts with tea? The external uses of tea are many: from curing cuts, bruises or burns, to helping you rest your eyes, get rid of acne or cure the dryness of your hair.

It Can Improve Your Sex Life

Scientists are always trying to come up with answers for improving sexual performance, but the key to a healthy sex life has been just one step away: tea. Drinking tea regularly, especially black tea can increase the libido of both men and women.How's that for an easy fix?

Loose Tea vs. Tea Bags

There have been a lot of discussions about whether we should use loose tea or tea coming from bags, and the general conclusion is that, as long as the quality of the tea bags is poor, it is better to go with the loose variety. Of course that great tea can also be found in bags, more and more producers are improving the way they treat and pack tea in bags, so that you get the same wonderful experience as you would get from loose tea.

Black Tea Decreases Cholesterol

Studies have shown that drinking black tea regular can help decrease your cholesterol levels, especially when accompanied by a mild diet. And as a bonus, black tea does not affect the levels of your good cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol).

Tea Comes from One Plant

With so many types of tea out there, did you know that in fact, tea comes from just one plant? Camellia sinensis is its name, and the varieties such as black, green, white, come from the way the plant is treated. You can find a lot of blends on the market, some containing Camellia sinensis and various pieces of dried fruits, flowers or is all a matter of finding the right one for you!

Did you already know all these things about tea? If you are interested in the detoxing proprieties of tea, check out our products for more information.

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