Vegetarian diets are slowly but steady becoming a part of the weight loss industry recommendations, with more and more nutritionists speaking about their benefits, especially during the summertime. Following a vegetarian diet for the months of summer can help you lose between five to eight kilograms and can help your body deal with the heat.

The summer vegetarian diet is one of the best diet plans that can be kept during the hot season, and can even be respected during your vacations. The diet produces wonderful and long-lasting results, and also increases your intake of vitamins, minerals, or fibers; all vital for keeping your body fit and free of harmful toxins. Looking for a way to eliminate meat from your diet? The summer vegetarian diet is the perfect excuse. Not to mention that it eliminates the negative effects that sometimes may appear due to vegetarian diets, because of the fact that you will only be keeping it for 2-3 months.

Are you among the people that think that a vegetarian diet can only be kept by vegetarians? Keep on reading and find out Teatox’s recommendations for a successful vegetarian summer.

Essential Rules for the Summer Vegetarian Diet

Include a wide variety of vegetables, wholegrain cereals, fruits, nuts, seeds and dairy products into your diet. If you think you can’t go a whole summer without meat, you can definitely have fish once or twice a week.

Eat natural, organic and whole foods, as closer to their natural state as you can, and get rid of all the sugar in your diet. (If you have a sweet tooth, you can replace the sugar with honey or with another natural alternative).

Choose products that have little fat or only have the good kind of fat. The summer vegetarian diet goes perfectly with goat milk, yogurt, and light dairy products.

Make sure that you are offering your body the right amount of vitamin B12 and vitamin D from natural sources and from exposure to the morning sun.

The summer vegetarian diet is an excellent way to rebuild your body’s stock of minerals.

What to Eat

Although there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available during the summer, there might be days when you get tired of them or can’t decide on what to eat. For those days, you can make yourself a healthy and easy salad snack by combining the greens with olive oil beans and lemon juice. Adding some wholegrain cereals, nuts or seeds will offer you a meal that is not only delicious but also keeps hunger away.

If you love tomatoes, there is no better combination as green salad and tomatoes for a refreshing meal or snack. Add an orange and a glass of soy milk, plus a handful of raisins or dried apricots for desserts, and your vegetarian meal with be exciting and tasty.

When looking for a more complete meal, the best choice is to have wholegrain bread and soy milk alongside your salads or vegetarian soups. Here’s a tip from us: always make your soups from five different vegetables, that way you will benefit from a lot of healthy nutrients and also enjoy a delicious soup with few calories. Want another tip? Add an apple or a pear to your soup and enjoy the unexpected and refreshing taste of an unusual yet perfect summer soup.

Seven Day Vegetarian Diet Example

If you are not sure about how to start your summer vegetarian diet, follow our example and you will be on the right path to weight loss and healthy body in no time.

  • During the first day eat only fruits, except bananas. Cantaloupe and watermelon are an excellent choice.
  • For the second day eat only raw or cooked vegetables.
  • In the third day combine fruits and vegetables, but stay away from potatoes and bananas.
  • The fourth day brings you a delicious treat, as you get to eat as much bananas as you want (no more than eight), alongside three glasses of soy or almond milk and a bowl of vegetable soup.
  • In the fifth day you can add rice to your diet, and have it with six tomatoes, spices, carrots and celery roots. Make sure that you drink at least ten glasses of water during the day.
  • The six day allows you to eat any amount of vegetables, prepared in any way, and a coup of boiled rice with a teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Finally, during the seventh day eat a coup of rice, vegetables and have a glass or two of fruit juice.


After you are done with the first week of your vegetarian summer diet, you can choose your meals as you see fit, as long as you remember to always stay away from meat, refined cereal and sugar.


Have you ever tried a summer vegetarian diet? Planning on following Teatox’s advice? Make sure to add a coup of your favorite Teatox blend to the mix and share your results with us via Instagram or Facebook using the #teatoxaustralia and #summerdiet hashtags.

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