Who doesn’t love fast-food meals, sweets or fizzy drinks? We’re all tempted to have a guilty snack from now and then, but what do you do when your guilty pleasure turns into your everyday meal? Are bad foods influencing the way you lose weight and keep your body fit?

Teatox has put together a list of foods that you should eat less often, in order to prevent your body from suffering the consequences of a poorly constructed nutrition. Let’s see if your favorite guilty pleasures made the list:


The amazingly delicious taste of doughnuts does not come without repercussions on your health. These tasty delights are rich in calories, fats and carbs but also in preservatives, given the fact that they sometimes stay fluffy for weeks. The result of eating doughnuts regularly? You gain weight, your metabolism slows down, and you can even suffer from various digestive system diseases.


Warm, fluffy, delicious and found on every corner: we’re talking about the famous bagels. Did you know that bagels have a high hypoglycemic level and can even cause severe digestive diseases? They are also responsible for accelerating aging, for the appearance of acne and, of course, for gaining a lot of weight. The next time you have a craving for a bagel, choose a salad instead or at least make sure that you will not be turning this into a daily habit.

Sugar Cereals

Cereals are one of the easiest foods that you can have for breakfast, especially if you are a busy person with little to no time for cooking in the morning. But what kind of cereals end up on our tables? The healthy ones or the sweet colorful and unhealthy ones? Most people prefer cereals that have a high content of sugar, fruits, chocolate and nuts, or cereal of poor quality that bring nothing except for sugar and pretty colors. Be careful with eating these kind of cereals each day as their gluten and sugar content can seriously damage your weight loss process.

Chips and Snacks

Although these particular foods are meant to be eaten as snacks, from time to time, an alarming number of people have them every day, in front of the TV or while working. Most of the chips and snacks contain the bad kind of fats, fats that will increase your cholesterol levels and expose you to heart conditions. The amount of preservatives found in chips and snacks are also a good reason for you to avoid them and try to fall into temptation less often.

French Fries

We can all agree that French fries are absolutely delicious. And if you think about it, there are numerous ways in which you can prepare them so that they can be a little healthier. Unfortunately, we end up eating French fries on the go, from fast-food restaurants, thus eliminating the possibility of making them good for us. If you must have French fries from now and then, try to prepare them yourself and find a way to reduce the fats.


There’s nothing wrong with a healthy, low-fat, rich in vegetables hamburger. That being said, the ones we do enjoy are usually made with little to no meat, rich in saturated fats, and high on preservatives. Instead of buying ready-made hamburgers why not make your own? Invite your friends over and turn it into a fun weekend activity.


Sold as a “low-fat” butter, margarine is anything but a healthy alternative to butter. In fact, this little guilty pleasure is something that you need to never eat again, given the controversies surrounding its production and negative impact that it has on our bodies. The ultimate source of bad fats, margarine increases your cholesterol, deteriorates your heart and stops your weight loss process. Choose butter instead, eat it only from time to time, and make sure that you are buying the good kind of butter and not the fake one, which is basically margarine with a good marketing team.


Was your guilty pleasure on our list of foods that you should eat less often? Share your weight loss and food experiences with us via Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget about or Teatox blends if you are on a diet or want to get in shape.

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