Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Busy People - Teatox Australia

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Busy People

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The most common and possibly most effective strategy when it comes to weight loss is to eat less and do lots of exercises. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time needed to cook diet meals or to go to the gym every day.

What You Should Eat Before and After Going to the Gym - Teatox Australia

What You Should Eat Before and After Going to the Gym

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People who go to the gym need to obey different nutrition rules than those who chose not to exercise, even if we are talking about losing weight and keeping strict diets. In order to deal with all the effort, your body needs your “before and after” the gym meals to be in accordance with your workout.

The Happy Diet: The Mediterranean Lifestyle - Teatox Australia

The Happy Diet: The Mediterranean Lifestyle

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When it comes to dieting, there is no doubt that there are plenty of methods we can chose from, some better than others, some healthier than others.

Nutrition Rules for When You Are Working Out

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Healthy diets and sports go hand in hand when it comes to staying healthy, losing weight or staying fit but unfortunately most people only focus on one at a diet, thus weakening the results and failing to adhere to a healthier way of life.

Eight Foods That You Should Eat Less Often

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Who doesn’t love fast-food meals, sweets or fizzy drinks? We’re all tempted to have a guilty snack from now and then, but what do you do when your guilty pleasure turns into your everyday meal? Are bad foods influencing the way you lose weight and keep your body fit?

The Most Common Myths about Healthy Eating

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With everyone talking about healthy eating and about the benefits that a balanced nutrition plan can offer us, it is almost impossible to not fall in a little trap or two when it comes to documenting ourselves about the best practices in the search for the perfect diet.