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When it comes to dieting, there is no doubt that there are plenty of methods we can chose from, some better than others, some healthier than others. But there’s one diet that has always managed to stand out of the cornucopia of healthy lifestyles promoted by doctors and nutritionists: the Mediterranean diet.

If you were to ask the people living in the Mediterranean area what is their secret when it comes to longevity and health they will they most certainly mention their diet and relaxed lifestyle. But what does the Mediterranean diet mean for the rest of us? Whether it is due to wonderful vacations in the Mediterranean or to the fact that most of us associate the Mediterranean lifestyle with pizza and pasta, the truth is that most of us associate this diet with a lifestyle that can’t possibly help us lose weight because it involves eating a lot of delicious and high-in-calories food. But is this true? Let’s find out more about this diet and why following it will not only help you lose weight and improve the aspect of your body but also help you see the bright side of things day by day.

What exactly is the Mediterranean diet?

Based on the foods and drinks of the people living in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, this diet is more of a way of living than a diet that needs to be followed for a short period of time. And the best thing about it is that it does not strictly refer to food but also to activities with your loved one, to a more relaxed way of life and to learning how to give a new meaning to the things that constitute your life. The Mediterranean lifestyle is all about eating healthy, organic foods while enjoying the company of your family and friends; about learning how to make the most of your already busy time and cook simple yet highly nutritious meals, rather than eating from a supermarket box each day.

When we talk about Mediterranean diet we are talking about healthy meats, a lot of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, healthy breads and a little bit of wine from time to time. We are talking about making delicious meals out of one-ingredient components, even when it comes to dressings and sauces, rather than buying everything already made and ending up being affected by the unnatural ingredients that go into most processed foods these days.

Think simple, relaxed, moderated and delicious. This is the diet and lifestyle you want to be following so forget about torturing yourself with severe diets and let’s find out more about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, other than those helping you lose weight.

The Mediterranean Diet can lower the Risks of Depression

Is there something that this diet can achieve? Aside from the benefits it can bring to your skin, complexion, general health and weight loss journey, the Mediterranean diet (foods rich in olive oil, fish, whole-wheat cereals, green vegetable and season fruits) can also lower the risks of depression. The diet improves the functioning capabilities of your blood vessels, thus fighting with inflammations and repairing the ruptures at a cellular level. These actions end up reducing the risks of depression and increasing your ability to see things in a brighter light.

Researchers have discovered that, even if a person is already suffering from depression, the symptoms can be significantly reduced with the Mediterranean diet. The reason? A diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is associated with a good state of mine. Also, the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil and fish (fish oil) can block the genes that used to cause inflammations in your body. It is a demonstrated fact that people who are depressed often present a vitamin B and acid folic deficiency, both of which can be remedied with the help of the Mediterranean diet.

What should you eat?

Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve the look of your skin or help your body and mind fight with the negative aspects of depression, the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle can be an answer for you. All you need to do is learn about moderation, understand that tasty foods don’t necessarily have to be bad foods and learn how to eat healthy and natural. Probably the hardest part when turning to the Mediterranean diet, especially for busy people, is to let go of processed foods but with the plethora of evidence showing us how bad these foods can be for our mind and body the decision surely becomes easier to make.

So here’s all you need to do: consume alcohol with moderation (and when you due turn to wine instead of other drinks that are more processed and unnatural), lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and fish, less meat (and also organic meats). That’s it. Is that simple. And, of course, don’t forget to learn how to enjoy your meals rather than have then in a hurry between meetings. Even if you only have 10 minutes to eat your lunch, make those minutes count, stop checking your phone, don’t work while you eat and leave all of your worries aside.

Add some exercise and a Teatox a day into the mix and you will regain your figure in no time. Not to mention the fact that you will be happier and more at peace with yourself. It’s amazing how a simple thing like changing what we eat can help us achieve, isn’t it?

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