With everyone talking about healthy eating and about the benefits that a balanced nutrition plan can offer us, it is almost impossible to not fall in a little trap or two when it comes to documenting ourselves about the best practices in the search for the perfect diet. But don’t worry, the Teatox team is here to help!

We have put together a list of the most common myths about healthy eating, which will help you make an informed decision the next time you are shopping for food or healthy drinks.

We Must Give Up All Fatty Foods

Our favorite myth about healthy eating is also the most common one, the myth that says you should give up all fatty foods if you want to have a healthier life or lose some weight. The reason why this myth is so powerful and has spread very quickly is because it sounds legit. We want to get rid of the fat so what better way than getting rid of all fat foods? Fats are a group of nutrients that should not miss from your everyday diet, not only because they make food taste better, but also because they offer your body the nutritional balance that it needs. They are an important source of energy and also help you assimilate vitamins such as A, D, E, and K from foods. They key to mastering eating fatty foods and still lose weight and stay healthy is to consume them with moderation and only natural fats, not the ones you find in heavily processed foods.

Healthy Food is Less Tasty

One of the main reasons people are so reluctant when it comes to healthy eating is the fact that healthy food has a bad reputation when it comes to taste or variation. But the truth is that healthy food is the only food that offers you an unlimited range of tastes and preparation methods. Just think about it, in how many ways can you cook fast food? How about the number of dishes you can create with healthy products? Don’t shy away from healthy eating, embrace its possibilities, find the combinations that work best for your body, spoil your tastes buds, and you will never have a craving for poorly processed foods again.

Honey is better than Sugar

We all know that honey is healthier than sugar, right? True, but with that information in mind, we tend to consume more honey than we should, and although it is healthier, the number of calories is not as low as you would expect. Not to mention the fact that healthy honey is not what’s in those cheap jars you find in the most supermarkets. “Fake honey” is full of sugar and a lot of very dangerous additives, so stay away from it and choose the real deal. You might spend a little more money, but you will save yourself a lot of future trouble.

Fruit Juices Help You Lose Weight

Ever heard that saying: “eat your fruits and juice your vegetables”? A lot of people that are just starting on the path to healthy eating or are going on a diet think that natural fruit juices are the way to go, and are shocked when they don’t lose weight. There is in fact a very simple explanation behind that fact, fruits contain a lot of sugar, and the amount of fruits that go into a glass of juice is larger than the amount you would normally eat. Also, the lesser known fact is that the best parts of the fruits are the one you leave behind when juicing them: the pulp and fibers. Take our advice, eat fresh fruits and drink more vegetable juice and you will see the difference in no time!

Frozen Vegetables or Fruits Have Less Nutrients

While we all can agree that a frozen fruit or vegetable is far less tasty and good looking than a freshly picked one, both offer you the same amount of nutrients. The truth is that frozen fruits or vegetables don’t lose their properties, on the contrary, freezing is the best method of preserving them better. So if you have a hankering for a fruit or vegetable that it is not in season, don’t hesitate to go with the frozen alternative, instead of the canned one. Just make sure to not refreeze it.

Drink As Much Green Tea As You Can

For years, green tea has been associated with weight loss, stronger bones, acne cure or a more natural way to feed your caffeine addiction; and many people never think about the dangers of drinking too many green tea. While green tea is amazing for your health and general state, keep in mind that drinking too much can cause tremors, indigestion or nervousness, due to its caffeine content. Same as most of the great nutrition treasures of our world, green tea is amazing, as long as you don’t overdo it.


As you can see, healthy eating can be a pleasure and an adventure if you have a little time to learn more about it and to experiment with various nutrition paths. We are here to make your journey easier and more fun, so don’t hesita to reach out to Teatox team if you want to share your healthy eating stories or have questions about the facts, myths or mysteries of a healthy life.

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