Organic Coconut Oil: the Super-food that Does it All

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Organic coconut oil is considered to be the super-food of the century and, given the many studies that have been performed in relation to its health benefits, no one can deny that this fabulous-scenting oil really is a miracle worker.

The Negative Consequences of Skipping Breakfast

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According to a research performed in Great Britain, people who are skipping breakfast three times a week end up consuming around 300 calories more and gain a significant amount of weight through the duration of one year.

Eat Less, Live Longer: Here’s what the Scientists are Saying

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The subject of living healthier and longer lives has been on the mind of the scientific world for quite some time, and the academic and medical fields have long tried to come up with solutions for significantly improving the time humans spend on Earth.

Losing Weight and Having Fun? Why not SUP Pilates?

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More than 25 million people are practicing Pilates with regularity. They know that Pilates means intense but delicate workouts that require the control of the muscles in your abdomen and an acute sense of balance, alongside a coordinated breathing routine.

Stop the Stress: The Five Minute Routine that Will Make You Smile

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? How about when life is too busy to give you anything at all?

Detoxing: The Key to Healthy Skin

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We often think that the secret behind a great skin lies in all sorts of magic creams and lotions, but most of the time, you need to look a little deeper than that. No cream will

The Perks of being on the Road: Exercising in Your Car

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Daily commutes are the struggles of modern world, we rush through traffic to go to work, pick our kids from school, or visit loved ones, and most of the time, we spend hours in our cars, waiting

Six Eating Habits That You Need to Change in 2015

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With the New Year come great resolutions, promises we make to ourselves, whether they are related to getting a better job, enriching our knowledge, making new friends or taking care of your body.

Workout Routine: What Are You Doing Wrong

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When it comes to working out, people are quite creative in finding ways of putting it off, or not doing it at all, but what do you do if you are working out and the results don’t show?

Healthy Eating on a Budget

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One of the most common misconceptions related to healthy eating is that it costs a lot of money. If you are one of those people that think eating healthy will make a hole in your budget, then this article is for you!

The Most Common Myths about Healthy Eating

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With everyone talking about healthy eating and about the benefits that a balanced nutrition plan can offer us, it is almost impossible to not fall in a little trap or two when it comes to documenting ourselves about the best practices in the search for the perfect diet.