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The Negative Consequences of Skipping Breakfast

According to a research performed in Great Britain, people who are skipping breakfast three times a week end up consuming around 300 calories more and gain a significant amount of weight through the duration of one year.

Giving up and the first and most important meal of the day increases your body’s need to consume unhealthy foods and can even led to a weight gain of 15 kg per year, if those extra calories are not burned through physical exercise.

The Breakfast Week Study

Performed during the Breakfast Week by a local brand, the study showed that most of the people who skipped breakfast, more than 37% of the study subjects, preferred to eat unhealthy foods throughout the day such as chips, biscuits, and chocolate or fast-food products.

According to this and other studies, people who skip the most important meal of the day get hungry earlier, are more tired, don’t have enough energy for the day-to-day chores and become grumpier as the day progresses.

Why do People Skip Breakfast

The main reasons behind this decision are represented by the lack of appetite, the lack of time or the need to get more sleep in the morning. There were also a few respondents that mentioned forgetfulness as one of the reasons.

Did you know that skipping breakfast can influence your food choices for the day?

People who are not having breakfast usually opt for in-between meals snacks such as chocolate bars or salty chips, and also have a fizzy drink next to it. The same people choose an unhealthy lunch and breakfast in the very day that they skipped breakfast.

The Consequences

According to medical professionals, the reason for which we make bad choices when we don’t eat breakfast related to the fact that our hypoglycemic index is low and the body asks for foods that can immediately fix the problem, rather than healthy one.

Skipping breakfast with regularity leads to developing a behavior that will not only make us gain weight but also endanger our health. You can consume up to 100,000 more calories in one year by not eating in the morning and making bad choices throughout the day.

The Solutions

Living in a fast-paced society often leaves us no time to look after ourselves, especially when it comes to our nutrition habits. And since quitting our jobs and going to leave on a deserted island is not an option for most of us, what can we do about breakfast?

  • Think your meals ahead
  • Choose foods that are tasty, nutritious and easy to make
  • Make your breakfast to go and enjoy it in the office or in a park outside the building
  • Try waking up a little bit earlier so that you can have time for breakfast
  • Turn breakfast into the most important meal of the day and gather the family together around the table in the morning, instead of in the night for dinner
  • Choose foods that offer you more energy and that also benefit your weight loss diet
  • Have a Teatox blend alongside your breakfast meal in order to help your body burn more fat and stay healthy
  • Turn to nutritious smoothies for help; they are easy to make, delicious and also provide an important intake of nutrients; plus, they keep you filled for longer
  • Start eating breakfast while on vacation or in the weekend and experience with various meals, preparation modes and ways to save-up time and eat in the morning


Regardless of the reasons you are skipping breakfast, the behavior needs to be corrected until it severely affects your health or brings you extra weight that can be extremely hard to lose. Treat this as you would any other problem: acknowledge it, come up with solutions, and try your best to stick to your newly-found routine.


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