More than 25 million people are practicing Pilates with regularity. They know that Pilates means intense but delicate workouts that require the control of the muscles in your abdomen and an acute sense of balance, alongside a coordinated breathing routine.

Did you know that Pilates was invented by a German bodybuilder more than 100 years ago? Born in 1883, Joseph Pilates has been an advocate of physical workout all of his life and has strongly believed that coordinating our minds with our bodies is the key to success. This balance helps to maintain a correct posture throughout your life, strengthens your muscles and keeps you healthy. Joseph Pilates has channeled all of his energy into creating special machines that could help people sync their bodies with their minds.

Joseph Pilates’ methods and techniques have long been used by physiotherapists and fitness trainers and are being taught to this day in universities all over the world.

Why does Plates help?

Offering you the lean muscles of a professional dancer, Pilates does more than help you lose weight or staying fit, it changes the way you see sports and most importantly, it develops and understanding of what leading a healthy lifestyle is really about.

Aside from the weight loss benefits, Pilates workouts are also an excellent source of energy and a training that can focus on more muscles at once. And you know what that means: more calories burned.

When it comes to being and looking thinner, a key aspect is to have a correct posture, which Pilates can help you with by firming not only your abs but also your back. If you are having back and neck pains when working out, seriously consider to switching to Plates.

What is SUP Pilates?

Wouldn’t it be fun to experience the wonderful power and benefits of Pilates alongside the serenity of the ocean? SUP Pilates workout is performed on a SUP (stand-up paddle) board, into the water, and are as powerful as the original Pilates, but ten times more relaxing and fun. In fact, it is a wonderful activity to engage in, whether you are doing it alone or with your friends.

Gaining a lot of popularity in Australia and the US during the past two years, SUP Pilates is rapidly conquering the entire world, from Hong Kong to Greece due to the novelty that comes with it and of course, due to its amazing results.

This match made in Heaven can turn out to be an amazing experience for you, whether you are trying to lose weight, keep fit or just do something fun and unconventional. If you are tired of your daily gym routine, maybe it is time for a chance and you should give SUP Pilates a chance.

Is SUP Pilates hard to do?

Like in all cases, when we are trying out a new sport we might have some difficulties with it in the beginning but the fact that most SUP Pilates exercises are done in a horizontal or seated positions makes it easier even for untrained newbies. If you are just beginning, consider doing the sport with a personal trainer first, before signing up for a class with more people, so that you can have all the attention you need until you get the hang of it.


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