Although according to most enthusiasts, tea is best served without any kind of sweetener, a lot of people still like a bit of sweetness in their cups, which is why they are finding it hard to give up on the traditional way of sweetening the tea: by adding sugar.

Sugar, even thought is has the delicious factor on its side, is not that good for our health, and must always be consumed with moderation and care, if you want to avoid later sugar-related sufferings such as diabetes, weight gain, heart diseases or premature aging. If you are one of those people that absolutely must have something sweet in your tea, check out Teatox’s healthy alternatives to sugar:

Organic Honey

A much healthier choice than tea, honey is not only sweet and delicious, but also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, thus helping your with strengthen your immune system. If honey is the choice for you, make sure that you are always buying the right kind of tea, preferably from local producers. If you must buy supermarket honey, be careful with what product you choose and always read the label before making a decision. Another thing you must know about honey is that its loses all of its benefits when it comes in contact with extremely hot water, which is why you should always add it to your tea after it has cooled down a bit.

Agave Syrup

You’ve perhaps heard of agave syrup being used in many desserts and fancy sweet drinks, or about the fact that it comes from the same plant that produces tequila, but did you know that a lot of studies related to diabetes are recommending it instead of sugar? Although the syrup is much sweeter than sugar, and even has a bit more calories, its glycemic index is actually lowers than the one of traditional sugar, thus making it the perfect healthy alternative for using in your tea. If agave syrup is your go-to sweetener, make sure to still use it in moderation, due to the number of calories, this way you do not end up gaining weight and not even knowing the cause.


The third healthy alternative to traditional sugar on our list is stevia, an extract that comes from the leaves of Reubaudiana plant, which is cultivated mostly in South America, and it has been used as a sweetener for centuries. Same as with the agave syrup, stevia is a bit sweeter than sugar, and moderation is recommended. We found that the best way to use this sweetener is to dissolve the stevia powder in three teaspoons of water, and add it gradually to your tea.

Maple Syrup

Last but not least, maple syrup actually contains less calories than the traditional sugar, and even than honey. Plus, it has antioxidants properties, helping your health, especially your skin. Studies have shown that maple syrup also has anti-diabetic, antibacterial and anti-cancerous properties, so you might consider replacing the sugar in your tea with this delicious and much healthier alternative.


Now that you know what the alternatives to the not so healthy sugar are, will you still be using it in your tea? You can of course give up on using sweetener, and have your tea with a few slices of lemon, ginger or mint and ice cubes, especially during the torrid summer. Did you know that some people even add salt to their tea? Supposedly, the salt enhances the tea’s sweetness. Milk is also a great choice, and you can use it especially with black tea.

Independent of the sweetener you are going to choose, don’t forget that they all have calories, both the natural and synthetic ones, thus you should not overdue it when it comes to taking the bitter with the sweet. Who knows, maybe you will even end up loving non-sweetened tea.

What’s your favorite way of drinking your tea? How about your favorite Teatox products? Do you have a secret ingredient for them? Share photos with us via Instagram and don’t forget to add the #teatoxaustralia and #tea hashtags.

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