As unusual as it may sound, you can lose weight with just water. Not only that, but you can also maintain weight with the help of water, thus offering your body the healthy state it needs. Plus, you get a lot of added benefits and you get to enjoy your favourite foods, guilt free. Sounds interesting?

The water diet is not just a trend developed by Hollywood nutritionists. In fact, this diet has been around for a long time, with a tradition in Japan and other Asian countries from ancient times. The water diet originated from the need of hydration after long treatments with skin creams that would make the skin whiter but also severely dehydrate it. Little by little, drinking two liters of water a day became more of a lifestyle than a diet or a way of overcoming the side-effect of facial creams. Let’s see what the water diet is about and how it can help your weight loss process:

What Should You Do?

Drink water. It’s that simple, two liters of water a day. To make sure that you will be able to achieve this goal, the best thing is to start as soon as you wake up and always have a glass of water at hand, from which to take small sips during the day. Drinking water from early in the day will energize you and refresh your skin, preparing your body for a new day. You should have the last glass of water at least an hour before going to bed so that you will be hydrated for the duration of the night.

If you are thinking that all that water will prevent you from eating, you are not entirely wrong. The water diet reduces your appetite, but here’s the great thing about it: you can eat anything you want, with moderation. Just be careful not to overdo it with sweets. The water diet is extremely easy, does not require complicated calculations or long lists of foods that you can or cannot eat, and you can keep it anytime, anyplace.

How Does the Water Diet Help Your Body?

First of all, you don’t have to worry about being dehydrated anymore, no matter the season. Both your skin and body will benefit from the water diet, and you will feel amazing and look years younger. Speaking of looking younger, did you know that drinking a sufficient amount of water a day can prevent your skin from premature aging?

Second of all, you will eat a lot less if you drink enough water. It’s not about neglecting food, or about severe diets; you will simply feel full with less. Another great benefit of the water diet is that you will get rid of cellulite. In fact, drinking plenty of water is the first thing you need to do when it comes to that nasty cellulite. Forget about expensive creams, as they will be inefficient anyway, if you do not drink water.

From Angelina Jolie to Beyonce, a lot of celebrities have embraced the water diet as a mean of losing weight in a healthy way. This is one celebrity diet you mustn’t ignore.

A Few Tips for the Water Diet

  • Extremes are never a good thing, so don’t overdo it and start drinking too much water, as this can mess with the salt in your body and hurt your general health.
  • If you are not accustomed to drinking water, go easy with the diet in the first days and start with just one liter a day.
  • Replace one water glass with your favourite Teatox product for a much more efficient and healthy weight loss.
  • Don’t drink water while you are eating, it’s not good for your digestion.
  • Give up on coffee and fizzy drinks, the only thing they are “good” for is to eat up all your calcium and add extra calories to your daily diet.
  • If at some point you get tired of plain water, mix it up with juice from a lemon.


The best thing about the water diet is that you can keep it indefinitely, embracing it as a way of life, and you will only benefit from it. Not to mention that you get to eat anything you desire.

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