Sometimes, being lazy is not that bad. But what do you do about the negative impacts that a sedentary lifestyle can have on your body and your health?

If minimum effort is something that appeals to you, especially during hot summer days, read Teatox’s tips for staying health with just a few minutes a day:

Add A Bit of Sport to Your Sedentary Lifestyle

People think that they needs to spend hours and hours at the gym in order to stay in shape and end up giving up on sports and exercise altogether because they fear intense and painful workouts. Indeed, intense training session can do a world of good but so can doing a little bit of effort each day, such as going up and down the stairs, cleaning up your apartments, or walking to work.

Pay Attention to Your Meals

If you are a busy person, and cannot cook for every meal, don’t fall into the fast-food routine. Instead, try to cook your meals in advance and keep them in the refrigerator. Processed food is extremely bad for you, and it does not only affect your weight loss process, but it can also interfere with both your physical and mental health.

Get a Pet

First of all, keep in mind that this is not something you should do just because you want to be a little more active, since a pet is a great responsibility. But if you have always wanted one and love animals, maybe now it’s the time to make a new friend. You will develop a wonderful relationship with the animal, thus improving your mental and physical state, and you will get to exercise more.

Exercise While Watching TV

Did you know that people who sit on the couch all day watching TV are less likely to lose weight, even if they are on a diet? That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your favorite programs, just make it a habit of doing some exercise in front of the TV each day, even if only for the duration of the commercials.

Do the Crossword Puzzle

If training your body is something that you’d rather do another day, take the opportunity and train your mind instead. Improving your mental health is as important as staying fit and, luckily, you can do it from the comfort of your couch. Developing a healthy routine of mental exercises such as doing the crossword puzzle or reading a book is of utmost importance, especially as time goes by, and can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer.

Eat Slower

If there is a case in which lazy is good, than this is definitely it. Studies have shown that people who eat slow have a great digestive system and are more likely to lose weight when on a diet. Did you know that the human body requires around 20 minutes until it can know that it is full? Remember this the next time you are craving for a snack 5 minutes after a big meal.

Order Fruit and Vegetable Salads

If you don’t have time or simply are not in the mood to cook and you are planning on ordering in, consider getting a fruit or vegetable salad instead of an unhealthy meal.

Have Fun with Your Friends

If the gym can’t keep you interested in doing exercise, don’t worry, there are plenty of other methods such as going dancing. Turn a night of fun with your friends into a healthy workout and you will rapidly sense the difference.

Supplement Your Diet

Sometimes, the things that we eat are not offering our body the right amount of nutrients or vitamins, and we end up getting sick without even knowing it. Supplement your diet with great-quality vitamins and add one of our Teatox products in the mix in order to lose weight the healthy way.

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

When it comes to sleep, lazy can be good, so take advantage of this and do what’s best for your healthy by improving your sleeping routine. Studies have shown that sleep can help you live longer, improve your memory and reduce stress. If you sleep less than 5 hours a night, you can easily gain weight and even be at risk for heart diseases.


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