When we were children, there was nothing that could stop of from spending all of our days in the great outdoors, taking in the sun and enjoying the wind’s delicate touches. Unfortunately, one of the letdowns of adult living is that we rarely find time to enjoy a day in the sun, on the beach, hiking or simply walking the path of a beautiful park.

Teatox has a little secret for you, a secret that will make you love outdoors again and find time to exercise on the beach: outdoor exercises burn 30% more calories than indoor ones. So take advantage of the beautiful season and keep working on your summer body, even if you already bought a swimsuit.

The Beach: the Best Place for Cardio Workouts

It is a commonly known fact that cardio exercises have great benefits for our bodies, whether we are trying to lose weight, stay fit of work on achieving the perfect shape; so what better way to take advantage of them than on a beautiful beach in a warm but pleasant morning? If you love to run in the morning, change your usual routine, find a beach near you and do your morning jogging there. As a bonus, you should know that if you run in the water, you will burn more calories in less time. If jogging is not your thing, find a little time to meet up with your friends and practice your favorite beach sport, take your dog for walks along the shore or practice sunset yoga.

Regardless of the activity you will choose, it will be a significant improvement from staying trapped inside a gym or being at home in front of the TV. And how about those unconventional types of workout you have always wanted to try? Find one that can be done outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful days ahead of you.

Things to Consider When Exercising Outdoors

Although being outside and doing exercises that will help you stay fit and healthy is one of the best decisions you can make this summer, there are some things to consider, in order to assure you have a pleasant experience. First of all, make sure to always exercise in the early morning or late evenings so that the sun does not harm you. The hotness of the sun plus the humid weather can impact your health in a negative way, give you headaches, sunburns or dizziness. Don’t forget about your body’s need for staying hydrated and always have a bottle of water with you or your favorite tea.

Another thing to have in mind before going outside for a workout is your equipment. Choose one in light colors and natural fabrics so that it will not attract heat from the sun or affect your skin. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and something to protect your head from the sun.

Don’t forget that eating habits play an important role in the success of your workout sessions. If you are not already on a diet, give up on fatty foods and eat more fish, fruits and vegetables. These food will help your body deal with the effort and the heat, but also give you more energy.

Avoid Temptations and Stay Safe

Even though one of the major aspects of deciding to exercise outdoors is due to the fact that at home you are dealing with a lot of distractions, such as the TV, the internet or those delicious snacks you only remember having one minute before working out, there are also distractions outside. Weather we are talking about an inviting bench on which you end up spending the entire day, a phone call from one of your friends or a local event that catches your eye, you must know how to avoid them and fulfill your purpose of working out. As a tip from us, if you are one of those persons that always ends up distracted by various things outside, chance your exercises with a long walk around the beach or around the city and alternate it with resting moments of blissful distraction and power walks. Just make sure to not forget about the power walks.

Last but not least, always certify that the place you are choosing for your cardio routine or outdoor exercises is a safe one, regardless of the time of day.


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