Office Exercises That Help You Regain Your Balance

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Medical researchers are beginning to refer to sitting as the new smoking. It's a known fact that spending a lot of hours trapped in an office, without even having time to stand up from your chair can be extremely dangerous for your health but what can you do when you need to work?

Ten Compelling Reasons to Start Jogging Today

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Sometimes we find thousands of reasons for not exercising, from being too tired, not having enough free time to being too sleepy in the morning. Your jogging shoes are not right, you don’t have enough space to exercise

Beach Cardio and Outdoor Workouts: the Key to a Perfect Summer Body

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When we were children, there was nothing that could stop of from spending all of our days in the great outdoors, taking in the sun and enjoying the wind’s delicate touches.

The Perks of being on the Road: Exercising in Your Car

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Daily commutes are the struggles of modern world, we rush through traffic to go to work, pick our kids from school, or visit loved ones, and most of the time, we spend hours in our cars, waiting

Training Outside the Box: Unconventional Types of Workouts

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Are you bored with your daily gym routine? Tired of the usual morning jogging? The bicycle is not that interesting anymore?

Feeling Better after a Hard Day at the Gym

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You know those days after a hard workout at the gym that just make you want to give it all up and curl up on your couch for the rest of the week?

Workouts for the Brain: Learn How to Train Your Mind

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Have you been feeling tired or realized that you are not so good at memorizing things as you were a few years ago?

Workout Routine: What Are You Doing Wrong

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When it comes to working out, people are quite creative in finding ways of putting it off, or not doing it at all, but what do you do if you are working out and the results don’t show?

Workout around the House: Tips for Daily Training at Home

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How many times have you joined a gym only to back out in just a few days? How many power walks have never reached their destination?