Have you been feeling tired or realized that you are not so good at memorizing things as you were a few years ago? Your first impulse can be to try harder, or to take memory enhancement supplements in order to regain your capabilities, but have you thought that there might be an easier way?

Did you know that physical exercises can be a powerful method for you to improve your brain activity and train your mind? Because they require a lot of oxygen, they feed different parts of your brain, and increase your ability to understand and memorize new information. Studies have shown that activities that involve physical coordination stimulate your neural development. With this information in mind, we offer you a few ideas for brain workout that will train your mind and improve your abilities to deal with new information or tricky situations. Here they are:

Sports that Require Coordination

Whether we are talking about tennis, baseball, basketball or dance; all these sports are great for improving your brain activity. Make a habit out of playing a sport that requires coordination, alongside your regular workout routine, and your brain will rapidly benefit.

Swimming Exercises

Practice standing in your hands or floating with your face down when in the swimming pool. Also, a lot of aqua gym routines are great for stimulating your neural development, keep that in mind next time you plan on going swimming. Not to mention that they are more fun.


Meditation, as we said in some of our previous articles, can do wonders for the mind. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus your mind on just one thought or sound. It sounds easy but it won't be, at least not in the beginning; so try to find a quiet place to practice, it will help you focus on just one thing, rather than struggles to pick something up from a pile of noises.

Various Exercises

From rope jumping, joggling, stretching or simply bouncing or skipping around the house, all these can train your brain and improve your brain activities. If you do decide to go with stretching, keep in mind that stretching the muscles that you don’t normally use as much will help more, such as the muscles on your neck, lower back or toes.

Be Curious

Remember how our parents kept telling us to stop taking everything apart when we were kids? It turns out that this little pleasure-giving activity can have quite an influence when it comes to training your brain. For example, if you have an old clock that doesn't work, pull all the pieces apart, try to fix it or just see how its mechanism works. Doing something like this regularly will reteach your mind how to find solutions to problems that might not be as ordinary as the ones we used our brain with.

Get Creative

You don’t need to be the next Picasso to pain, or the next Edgar Allan Poe in order to write. Creativity exercises not only help the brain stay sharp, but they also relax us and get us in touch with our inner dreams and desires. Find what you love, and let it cure you. Who knows, you might even discover a new career?


With all these exercises in mind, start making a training plan for your brain today, even if you think you don’t need it. A healthy and sharp brain activity is the only assurance we can get that when we are old we can still count on our brain’s help.

Got any creative ideas about how to train your brain and enjoy it at the same time? Don’t hesitate in sharing them with us!


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