The appearance of sagging skin is without a doubt the only drawback of losing weight. You can avoid this from happening by following a few easy steps such as losing weight gradually, hydration yourself and taking better care of your skin.

Anyone who managed to get rid of a significant amount of extra weight has experienced sagging skin. Once the fat deposits have disappeared, the skin loses its support and succumbs to the laws of gravity.

Here's why it is not sufficient for you to focus on losing all the fat, and why you need to also attend to the needs of your skin.

The Causes of Sagging Skin

Our skin has an inherited elasticity that disappeared in time and once the skin is stretched by weight gain. The tissue expands with each day and the body will literally start to produce more skin cells.

During this process you will most likely get stretched marks and nasty-looking cracks because of the "architectural" process of tissue stretching. The two major factors that influence the elasticity of your skin are age and genetic predisposition, both impossible to influence. The loss and gain of weight becomes a third factor and cause the sagging in your skin.

Methods to Prevent Sagging Skin

Since we all want to look fabulous after the effort of losing weight, Teatox has put together a list of things you can do in order to prevent sagging skin:

Lose Weight Gradually

As enticing as losing weight in no time can be, this is the worst thing you can do, not only for your skin, but also for your health. Not to mention that most of the time, you will end up gaining all the weight back, and even some extra weight. Limit your weight loss to a maximum of 2-3 kg per week, if you are heavier, and 3 kg a month, if you only need to loose a little weight.

Hydrate Yourself

We've talk a lot on our Teatox blog about the importance of water and why it is of utmost importance for you to stay hydrated during your Teatox diet. Water is the secret to a healthy and good-looking skin due to the fact that it helps increase its elasticity. Drinking around eight glasses of water each day will help you lose weight with efficiency and keep your skin in perfect condition. Green juices are also great for hydration and in weight loss diets.

Use Creams and Lotions

Compliment your hydration from the outside with the beneficial effects of creams and lotions for the skin. These products needs to contain vitamin A, paraffin and alpha-hydroxy. Apply them on your skin each night before going to bed and in the morning, during your skin-caring ritual.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is another ideal method to prevent sagging skin. You can use special masks once a week, and a loofah every time you are taking a shower so that you can get rid of the dead skin cells and helping your body regenerate your skin.

Work Out

Stop using elevators, start waking to work, join a gym or start practicing outdoor sports. Any type of physical exercise will help you develop your muscle tissue, thus offering your skin the support it needs in order to stop sagging.

Be Careful with Your Diet

First of all, you need to eat. The idea that starving yourself will help you lose weight is a dangerous one and only contributes to the sagging in your skin. Give up on sweets and try to eat more vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins.


What are your sagging skin secrets? Remember that you can chose one of our Teatox blends to help you lose weight the healthy way and improve the aspect of your skin.

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