Summer is a time for fun, sunbathing, going on adventures and creating everlasting memories. The no-school season is often our only chance to unwind and relax, but that doesn't always mean that we can forget about all of our worries or that we magically learn how to better take care of ourselves.

Teatox has put together a list with mistakes that you may be doing during the summer, mistakes that keep you from truly relaxing and enjoying the hot season. Let's see what these mistakes are:

Working on Vacation

Vacations are meant to help us get rid of stress, enjoy our loved ones and send some time away from work. Have you ever found yourself working during a vacation? If the answer is "yes" than you are among the people that make this common summer mistake. With he development of smart technology, summer vacations have lost their magical and wild side, and studies show that this trend is becoming more and more popular as years go by and technology keeps progressing. Apps and devices that were originally meant to help us better connect with our loved ones end up making us stay forever connected to our work, thus turning our summer vacations into business travels.

Too Much Sun Exposure

As wonderful as the summer sun can be, long summer exposures are harmful for your body and skin, given birth to a series of severe skin conditions that can also impact you on the long-run. Making the most of your summer doesn't have to mean that you have to stay out in the summer all day long, especially during those periods in which the sun is brighter and hotter than mornings or evenings. According to a wide number of medical studies, cancer cells appear and develop on those patches of skin that have been exposed to the summer for a longer period of time such as your neck, lips, hands, or ears. Skin cancer affects people on a daily basis, which is why it is of utmost importance that you stay protected during the summer and never forget to put on summer's most needed accessory: sun protection cream.

Not Eating Enough Summer Foods

Most of us forget about our diet or about our healthy living rules when summer comes, giving into temptation and trying to eat on the run so we don't waste precious vacation time. Luckily, summer brings us more than sun and adventures: it brings us a wide variety of foods that are not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy. Unfortunately, we rarely include them in our diets. This summer, make a habit out of eating healthier by trying out all that summer has to offer, such as fruits and vegetables. if you are planning on losing weight or trying to get your body in shape, don't forget to try our Teatox blends for a sure, healthy and care-free weight loss process.

Keeping Strict and Dangerous Diets

Looking fabulous in swimsuits and summer dresses is something we dream about all year and, if we did not achieve our dream weight the healthy way, with summer also come a bunch of dangerous and strict diets meant to help us lose a lot of weight in little to no time. There are countless studies, researches, books and reports that talk about how dangerous rapid and strict diets are, which is why this is one mistake that you don't want to be making during the summer. Instead, try to adhere to a healthier lifestyle, do more exercise, practice summer sports, and help your diet with a Teatox blend. You don't have to starve during your vacation in order to not gain weight.

Not Working Out Enough

That brings us to the last mistake on our list: the lack of exercise. Whether it is due to our sedentary nature or to the fact that we are to busy to factor in sports in our daily routine, the lack of exercise is one of the most common mistakes that people are making during the summer season, and it is a mistake that affects both our health and mental state. Forget about spending your summer days in air-conditioned rooms watching TV, go out an enjoy the sun, enjoy spending time with your friends and loved ones and, most importantly, enjoy summer sports. Go swimming, go jogging, or discover beach workouts. There is a sport for you, regardless of your preferences and free time.


Are you keeping your body and mind healthy this summer? What are your summer rituals for leading a healthier and happier lifestyle? Share your summer adventures with us via Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to use #teatoxaustralia and #summer hashtags.




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