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Almost four months into the new year, it is time to revisit our New Year’s Eve resolutions and take steps towards accomplishing them. Better early than on the run, right?

And since being healthy and looking our best are the two cravings that are clearly found on everyone’s lists, the Teatox team has decide to tell you a little bit about how, with tiny steps, you can work towards fulfilling your goals. Today, we are going to be talking about why emptying out the fridge of all unhealthy food is both necessary and a great step in the direction of the summer body you’ve been longing for.

Most of the times, our fridge is the place in which a lot of temptations like to hide, temptations that stop us from following a healthy diet, one that it is free of useless calories, fats, and loads of sugar.

If you are interested in losing weight, maintaining your current weight, helping your body get into shape, or simply want to follow a healthy lifestyle, here are some of the foods you need to remove from your refrigerator: 

Fruit Yoghurt

We’re starting simple: it contains a lot of sugar! We are of course also talking about pudding, various creams, and all sorts of sweet sauces you are using for preparing your food with. Replace all of this with simple yogurt, in which you can add fresh fruits, honey, and nuts. This way, your fiber intake will increase, your body will get less sugar, and more nutritious substances.

Salad Dressings

They seem harmless when we see them on the shelves in their little colourful packs, with their divine taste and wide varieties, but salad dressings are high in fats and sugar. They are also responsible for taking an innocent salad meal and turning it into a dietician’s worst nightmare. The best healthy salad dressing you can have is made of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a dash of salt.

And since we are on the topic of vegetables turned unhealthy, you should also avoid supermarket pickles, as they are loaded with sugar and salt. Tasty? Can be. Healthy? Definitely not. Use balsamic vinegar over fresh vegetables if you have a hankering for that pickled taste.


It sounds quite harmless, doesn’t? And what food doesn’t get better with ketchup? But take a look at the information from a ketchup bottle tag and you will see how many calories, added sugar and salt such products contain. Remove it from your fridge and replace it with organic tomato sauce, in which you can add all sorts of herbs to give it an exquisite taste.

And since we are talking delicious liquid condiments, don’t forget to also remove any type of mayo, whether it light or no. You can replace it with a dash of Dijon mustard in your favourite foods. If mayo-based dressings are something you can’t live without, try preparing them yourself and replace the mayo with either yoghurt or mustard, plus your desired herbs or mashed vegetables.

Coffee Creams

If one of your favourite daily habits is to enjoy a delicious cup of flavoured coffee, you need to overthink the flavours that go into satisfying that pleasure, as they might be responsible for you not losing weight. Coffee creams are ticking bombs when it comes to your waistline, so it is best to forget about them and replace them with plain milk. You can use almond milk for that special amaretto taste.

Also, you can consider replacing coffee with one of our Teatox blend. This will not only help you in your weight loss journey, but will also allow you to relax, without feeling sleepy.

Carbonated Drinks

Next on our list is an item that is on everyone’s lips when it comes to liquid and empty calories.  We have all experienced the curse of the soda addiction, haven’t we? But trust us, removing that amount of sugar from your diet will be not only a blessing, but also a stepping stone towards a lot of other meaningful changes. If you think back, you will see that a lot of your unhealthy eating patterns accompany the fizzy drink.

Instead, try water and organic lemon juice, sweetened with a little bit of honey. If you are up for waiting a bit, fruit-flavored water is also a great replacement for fizzy drinks.

Processed Meats and Frozen Pastries

Although it might seem like a good idea to have something you can prepare in less than 15 minutes, don’t fall into the trapped of processed foods. Did you know that a frozen pizza can have about 2000 calories and 4500 milligrams of salt? Not to mention the saturated fats. Your best bet for those times when you need something prepared quick is to use a salad as a base and enhance it with ingredients such as nuts and seeds, quality canned tuna, or various healthy cheeses.  


The list could go on and on, with items such as alcohol, ice-cream, sweat pastries, and all the other goodies that are unfortunately major obstacles in the way of you achieving your resolutions. Which is why the best thing to do is remove all unhealthy foods from your fridge as soon as you can, and start thinking of a plan to make the most of the wonderful tastes and aromas of natural ingredients.

Our advice when it comes to useless calories? Juice your vegetable, eat your fruits, and replace and unhealthy liquid calories with water and unsweetened tea.

Bonus tip: anything that has more than five ingredients should not be in your shopping bag, nor in your fridge.


What other foods or ingredients have you been keeping in your fridge even though you know they are bad for your diet? Share your thoughts with us via Facebook or Instagram, and don’t forget about our Teatox products. A Teatox a day keeps the hunger away!

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