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Most of us mistake the concept of health and the idea of leading a healthy life to our physical health, ignoring the powerful influence our mind can have on the lives we lead, and even on the results we are trying to achieve when embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

How many times has it happened to do everything right, keep the best diet, exercise regularly and still not lose weight or manage to get into shape?  Stress is a much too common factor of our busy lives, no matter where we live, what our job is, or how our bodies look, which is why you should always consider it when contemplating lifestyle changes.

And if a cup of Teatox a day can help you achieve your weight goal with ease, let’s find out what you can do to alleviate stress, in order to get even closer to that goal, and lead a serene, even if busy, life.

What is Stress Management?

Managing stress, as a science, has to do with identifying exterior struggles that attack us in a systematic way over the years. Then, the method seeks to reduce the bodies negative reaction to those external factors, by applying various alleviation techniques.

What Happens if we Expose Ourselves to Stress?

According to medical professionals, lengthen stress exposure can cause a wide range of affections and conditions, such as: concentration problems, headaches, lack of patience, infertility, ulcer, high or low blood pressure, muscle pain, hair loss, rapid weight loss or gain, insomnia, chest pains, anxiety, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, social anxiety, impossibility of dealing with day-today activities, low immunity, and many others.

How to Relieve Stress and Improve our General Health

  • Meditation based on relaxing music: the benefits of meditation are widely known by everyone, from medical professionals to us normal people, but meditation based on relaxing music has mostly been a technique used more for curing insomnia than for alleviating stress; choose a soothing music, eventually accompanied by nature sounds, such as the humming of birds, rain drops, the sound of the waves, or waterfalls; combined with sounds of violin, harp, piano, or electronic instruments
  • Meditation based on breathing exercises: one of the most efficient methods for alleviating stress, meditation based on breathing exercises should always be your go-to method when feeling stressed or overwhelmed; it should usually take about five to ten minutes, practiced while sitting on a chair or in bed; make sure to clear your mind of all negative thoughts while doing your breathing exercises
  • Intense physical exercise: the fact that an active lifestyle is key to many improvements our modern minds and bodies need is no longer a secret, but did you know that intense physical exercise can do wonders in terms of alleviating stress? Physical effort produces endorphins, the hormones responsible for our happy state, thus everyone should do at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, preferably early in the morning, when the muscle tone is intense, or in the evening when we’ve accumulated tensions from the day
  • Practicing Yoga: same as any other kind of physical exercise, yoga induces the creation of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, all responsible with our inner peace and happiness; if yoga is more to your liking than other sports, have it in mind for your stress-relieving efforts
  • Healthy diet: there is nothing that a heathy diet can’t ameliorate in terms of general health state, whether we are talking about our minds or our bodies; if you follow a heathy lifestyle and make sure to have a variate diet, changes are that your body will process tension better, and you will be protected from any negative reactions caused by stress.


The real key to dealing with stress and not let it affect your work, your personal life or your weight loss efforts is to find the things that best work for you, mix them up so that you don’t get bored, and always try to have a positive attitude about all thigs coming your way. And as long as you have your little ally by your side, a cup of Teatox a day, that summer body you have been dreaming of will be yours the whole year long.


What are your preferred methods for dealing with stress while on a diet or when your busy life takes over? Share your thoughts with us via Facebook or Instagram, and don’t forget to check our Teatox products for more weight loss and healthy lifestyle adjuvants.
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