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As we all know, the primary causes of gaining weight are improper nutrition and lack of physical exercise. The majority of women and men who struggle with extra weight got into this position by neglecting their diet and by not having the time or the will to find an activity that will help them stay in shape.

Regardless of the reasons that push us towards neglecting ourselves, the general opinion is that one does not gain weight without eating what is forbidden. But are things really that simple? We already know that there are quite a few medical conditions that can impact your weight and influence the way your body deals with metabolic processes.

But do healthy people only gain weight by eating a lot?

Today we are going to be talking about stress and how it can severely impact your life and especially how it can make you gain weight without noticed, or while on a diet. Stress is one of the most common factors for weight gain, and even though people rarely talk about the relationship between stress and weight gain, it can have a negative impact on your life, your metabolism and your diet. But how exactly does stress get in the way of you having the perfect body? Let’s find out.

Stress Affects Your Gastric Acid Levels

How you ever wondered why are you feeling hungry all the time, especially when stressed out? Your gastric acid levels are responsible for that hunger feeling, and guess what? Stress can significantly increase those levels. Just look back a little and think about how many times have you craved a snack in stressful situations like taking an exam, when having money problems or other stressful events? Aside from being a serious weight gain cause, the impact stress has on your gastric acid levels is also a concerning cause for stomach conditions that once developed, you will have to live it for the rest of your life. So think twice before letting stress get to you and try not to worry about everything, especially about situations you have no control over.  

Stress Causes Hormonal Imbalances

We mentioned earlier how there are a number of diseases which can be responsible for weight gain. Some of these diseases are related to hormonal imbalances. And did you know that stress can not only cause these imbalances but also increase their influence over your body and metabolism? The proper functioning of your endocrine system is impacted by stress, thus you will burn fat slower, retain more water or even severely slow down the weight loss process, if you are on a diet. If that is the case, the best thing you can so is to consult your doctor, as these imbalances are usually here to stay and might require treatment in order to keep at a minimal level. There are of course a number of natural approaches you could follow but even these need to be recommended by a professional in order for the results to be significant.

Stress and the Emotional Factor of Weight Gain

It seems that stress has something for everything, doesn’t? When we are stressed, it is only natural to have our emotions messed with, and look for competition whichever way we can. Unfortunately, most of the times, this compensations comes under the form of delicious yet forbidden foods that will not only impact your diet but ruin your healthy lifestyle and mess with your weight. Studies have shown that eating food that is high in calories when stresses is more damaging to the body than eating the same type of food as a diet cheap or a one-time occurrence in a healthy lifestyle. Surprised? This happens because, when eating it due to emotional aspects, you might not be able to control yourself, have just one piece or make it a one-time thing, and might end up turning this food into a regular thing.

Food tastes great, makes us forget about our worries and can rapidly become our sanctuary against the problems that have taken over our lives, but remember that it is also a gateway towards weight gain and all the health and self-esteem problems that come with.

How Can You Prevent Stress-Related Weight Gain

We all know that stress can have a lot of side effects. From that tired feeling you have throughout the day, to joyless periods, times in which you sleep longer than usual, times in which you avoid social contact, put off working out, and others. In no time, you will find yourself eating more, working out less, adding unhappiness and extra weight to your life. Fortunately, there are always in which you can stop this from happening, it all depends on acknowledging the problem and wanting to find the solution.

The most suited advice a stressed-out person can receive is to learn, little by little, how to prevent stress from taking over their lives. It might sound as something impossible but, with a little bit of training, it can be done. Learn how to categorize your problems into things that truly deserve stressing out about and things you have no influence over. Once you are able to do that, take that first category and change it from stressing out about to doing something about it. Finding solutions and figuring out ways in which you can overcome the difficulties of your life is a proactive attitude and an attitude that will help you alleviate stress.

If you think that stress has a more severe impact on you, don’t hesitate in seeking professional help. A psychologist can teach you how to handle stress and obtain the balance you were longing for. Just know one thing: stress will always be a part of your life, all you need to do is not let it take control.

Have you been dealing with stressful situations lately? Have they impacted your weight in a negative way? If you are looking for a simple and healthy way of giving your diet a little boost while dealing with the stress in your life, check out our Teatox products.

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Oh, and one more thing: love yourself more. Learn how to love the real you and stress will have no place in your life.

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