Drinking tea is not a science, right? So why would you need someone to tell you how to do it? The drinking of tea, one of the healthiest habits of mankind, is packed with history, importance and complexity; so, yes, there are ways you can go wrong when drinking tea.

The Teatox team has gone over the Do’s and Don’ts of drinking tea, and have put together and article that will help you better understand the tradition of drinking tea and get the most out of this healthy and delicious tradition. Let’s get the Don’ts out of the way first:

Drinking Tea Right after a Meal

Many people drink tea after breakfast or lunch, and most of the time don’t feel quite well. Even if you do not experience discomfort, the proteins from your food are not well absorbed by your body when you drink tea right after you ate, so it is best to wait at least 20-30 minutes.

Be Careful, It’s Hot!

Another mistake people make when drinking tea is drinking it when it is hellishly hot. It is not just that you will not be able to get the most out of the tea’s flavors at such a high temperature, but you could also harm your throat or stomach, so try to have a little patience.

Never Drink Tea with Pills

Some people take advantage of their tea drinking routine to take their daily medicine. You should know that taking pills with anything other than water is not at all helpful, since the medicine will not be properly absorbed by your body. Not to mention the negative reactions caused by pills-tea combination that can occur.

Don’t Add Honey to Hot Tea

Honey is healthier than sugar, so most of us use it with our tea, but you should never add honey to a cup of hot tea, because you will only get the sweetness, without the benefits of honey. Specialists say that at a high temperature, the honey losses its miraculous properties, leaving only the sweet flavor. So if you do like honey with your tea, have this aspect in mind.

And now for the DO’s of drinking tea:

Choose a Quality Tea

You can buy cheap teabags from any supermarket these days, but you will surely not get the same benefits as you would from drinking proper tea. Those cheap bags are usually not very healthy or organic, so it is best to spend a little more on a good quality product.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea does wonders for your body, a few cups daily will give you more energy, will prevent weight gain, help your brain work better, and your body take on heavier tasks. Since green tea will give you a bit of energy, it is best to drink it in the first half of your day.Same goes for black tea.

Enjoy It!

Drinking tea is a magical experience, and you can use this routine to relax your mind and body a little, so take your time when drinking tea, read a few passages from your favorite book or have a conversation with a dear friend. Whatever you decide to do, don’t drink it like water in just a few seconds.

Have a Special Tea Mug

It is a known fact that people feel better when they drink something from their favorite cup, but don’t drink tea from your coffee cup, as you can deteriorate the flavor of the tea. Why not have two favorite mugs, one for coffee, and one for tea?

Keep Your Tea in Tin or Porcelain Containers

In order to maintain the proper taste and flavor of the tea for a long time, you should deposit it in porcelain or tin containers. Same as with the mug, only use the container for tea.You can take advantage of this little rule and go out shopping for cute containers to match your kitchen.


We could write books about the history of tea and the proper ways of enjoying this marvelous tradition! In the end, drinking tea becomes a personal tradition, it is something you do with your loved ones, for enjoyment and for a healthy lifestyle; so whatever you do, make time! Make time to enjoy preparing it, make time to enjoy the tea, make time to make memories!

Do you already have your very own tea drinking tradition? If not, start one today with Teatox products!

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