Everybody is aware that walking is a simple and mild exercise that can keep you active and make you lose weight at the same time. However, don’t let the simplicity of this activity fool you. You can’t just walk for a few minutes and expect to see results fast. There are some things that you have to consider to make the most of your walking sessions and speed up the results in your waistline and health in general.

Here are some tips to make this happen:

Invest in a pedometer/step counter accessory. Fitness experts agree that in order to achieve the best results from your walking sessions, you have to walk at a medium pace and count between 3.000-4.000 steps or 20-30 minutes in total. Since it is incredibly hard to count all your own steps (we bet you’ll lose count in moments), you can invest in a special step counting tool (pedometer) to do the counting job for you. You can find in online shops like Amazon, eBay, and gym shops fitness watches, bands, and mini mobile devices that are able to count your steps and progress. Once you get yourself familiar with its use, aim to walk a certain limit the first time and gradually increase the number of steps and minutes until you can’t go on any longer.

Go outside. Yep, you may think it doesn’t make much difference but going outside in the fresh air while walking is better for your mood and energy. A University of Ohio study has found that people who walk outside are enjoying their sessions better and are most likely to continue walking for a longer time. Of course, if you live in a crowded city area with high levels of pollution this isn’t going to be exactly a great idea but if you live in a suburban area or there is a green park nearby, you may walk freely and enjoy the fresh air at the same time. Try also walking along the beachside or up in the hills for a fully refreshing walking experience.

Wear heavy clothes.  Unless it’s pretty hot outside and the temperature hits 40 degrees,  try to wear heavy clothes that cover most of your skin’s surface so you sweat more and burn more calories during your walking sessions--and yep, this equals to losing more body fat. Keep in mind that by heavy clothes we don’t mean “anything”--only sports pants, shoes, tops and windbreaker jackets that are specially aimed for sports or outdoor physical activities. Αvoid wearing any heavy-duty pants, waistcoats or jackets that limit your movements and flexibility as these may increase the likelihood of developing injuries.

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and carry with you a bottle of water or iced herbal caffeine-free tea. Try to stay away from commercial energy drinks as these contain high amounts of sugar and will make you even more thirsty half-way through your session.  

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