Are you fed up with having wholewheat toast, hard-boiled eggs or muesli for a healthy breakfast? Breakfast doesn’t have to be that boring and uncreative to be healthy and we have for you some ideas that prove creativity, taste and nutrition can merge wonderfully together.

Here are some delicious and creative healthy breakfast ideas:

Quinoa Breakfast in A Jar. Quinoa is usually enjoyed in savory dishes but it makes a delicious lightly sweet breakfast too. Due to its high protein content, it will also keep you feeling full for longer. To make this breakfast quinoa jar, just mix ½ cup of plain cooked quinoa with a ½ cup of vegetable milk in jar and top with some fruits of your choice and honey or agave syrup. We especially love this with a few slices of banana, cinnamon, and chocolate chips or berries, peach slices and a drizzle of agave syrup. You can also place this in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning.

Breakfast Hash. A lovely and unique breakfast or brunch hash that will fill up your belly and give you the necessary energy to kickstart your day. To make this hash, finely chop a medium peeled sweet potato and shallow fry with ½ chopped onion and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Add cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric and season with salt and pepper to taste. Meanwhile, prepare a poach egg easily by placing a carefully cracked in a shallow bowl filled with water. Pop in the microwave for 1 ½ minute and take the egg with a spoon to top the layer of cooked sweet potato cooked hash.

Filled egg omelette. A delicious “green” omelette packed with the goodness of spinach and fortified with an extra dose of veggies as a filling. This combo makes a good source of Vitamins A, K, E, as well as protein and fiber. To make this, blend ½ a cup of fresh spinach leaves with 2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk in a blender with salt, pepper and a bit of parmesan cheese. Lightly grease a shallow pan with a bit of olive oil and add ½ red bell pepper slices with one small onion chopped. Saute for a couple of minutes, take off the heat and set aside. Add the egg/spinach mixture, set on medium heat and let cook on all sides by folding the cooked edges in. Once the omelette is nearly set, add the saute veggies in the center and fold in the middle with a spatula. Voila, your omelette is ready!

Don’t forget to take your breakfast with liquids that will kickstart your metabolism like plain water with lemon slices or a cup of detox tea. You may also have a smoothie but be careful not to add too much stuff as you may surpass your calorie intake limits without realising it.

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