When it comes to piling up unwanted weight, there are some things beyond the obvious that make us eat more and get fatter as a result. If you’ve thought that what you put in your plate is to blame, think again are some not so obvious things in your environment will trigger your brain to eat more.

We at Teatox Australia present you the most common triggers:

Loud music. Loud music doesn’t just make you want to dance, it can make you eat more too. According to a relevant Scottish study, when we are at a party or restaurant with loud music, we tend to eat more and faster than what we are used to. The music actually distracts us and we lose count of the amount of food that we actually eat.

Low light settings.  When we eat inside or outside in low light settings, we tend to eat more, based on a Cornwell University study. On one side, the atmosphere is more relaxing which makes us stay on the table for longer periods of time and on the other side, the lack of proper light makes us feel more comfortable with our bodies as even if our bellies get full and bloated, no one will take notice.

Reading a book or browsing the net. You may have seen these supposed “fitness gurus” on social media enjoying a healthy meal while reading a book or browsing the Internet but this doesn’t mean this habit is actually good for you. Experts have found that doing a mental activity like this one makes you eat more without realising it, even if your belly is actually full and you have finished reading a page or chapter.

Cold. This is not rocket science as if you take a closer look at the body types of various ethnicities across the world, you’ll see that some tend to be fatter than others and those that are fatter, usually come from countries of colder climates. Our bodies inherently require body fat as an energy source to protect us from cold and to keep our body temperatures higher. Therefore, trying to raise the temperature of your surroundings will probably make you eat less.

Βig gatherings. When you are a part of a big social gathering or group of people e.g 6+ people, you’ll most likely going to eat and drink more, based on a University of Georgia study. If someone is naturally a big eater, those that sit next to them will be tempted to eat more too. Most people also have the habit of waiting for others to finish their meals and they will likely nibble in the meantime to catch up.

Have you noted any other things that make you eat more? Tell us in the comments down below.

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