Tea, whether we are talking about green, red or black, has always been used for health purposes, from curing simple colds, to improving skin and hair conditions. Rich in antioxidants, with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, tea is our little miracle worker when it comes to matters of the health and heart.

In a time when natural remedies are making a much appreciated comeback, especially when talking about skin care, turning to tea for your day-to-day skin care needs is an excellent choice. The Teatox team has put together a list with five of the most common skin conditions that can be taken care of with the help of tea.

Sun Burns

Sun burns are one of the most common skin conditions, whether they appear from the lack of protective creams or simply because we have a sensitive skin; it can be quite a challenge to cure, but way easier to prevent. Luckily, tea can come to the rescue, apply bags of black tea on the affected area, as it can quickly calm the pain and reduce redness.

Tired Skin around Your Eyes

Researches have shown that caffeine is a wonderful remedy when it comes to contractions of the blood vessels and getting rid of that tired skin around your eyes, which is why black tea is the perfect remedy. And also the cheapest, if you think about how pricey eye creams can be.

Hydrating Your Dry Skin

The lack of water or harmful weather conditions can show up on your skin in no time, dry skin being one of the most challenging problems of modern women. In this case, green tea is the natural solution you are looking for. You can spray it on your face or apply it with a makeup disk, twice a day, for a visible result. The tea will get rid of environment impurities, makeup residues, minimize your pores, and also give your complexion that much needed healthy glow.

Insect Bites

As much as we all love summer, dealing with insect bites can be a real hassle, especially if you are not well equipped to prevent them. It only takes two or three insect bites to ruin your perfect summer evening, but chamomile tea will help you calm the swelling and get rid of that annoying itching sensation.

After Waxing Rashes

As you can see, tea is a great remedy when it comes to all sorts of rashes, bites and redness, so it is only natural that it also helps with after waxing skin problems. If you are one of the many women that have a sensitive skin and can’t get a wax without the unpleasant after rashes, turn to bags of black tea for help. Apply a cold black tea bag on the affected areas, and you will feel better in no time. This can truly come in handy after waxing, especially if you don’t want to spend days hiding behind long clothes.


Tea also works for eliminating bad foot odors, or for achieving a better after bronze glow; and, in most cases, it turns out to be a far much better remedy that any expensive cream or treatment, which is why you should always keep a few bags of tea close by: green, black, red or chamomile.

Do you know any other skin conditions that can be cured with the help of tea or have questions about the marvelous curing properties of tea? Let’s talk!

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