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With the joys of summer also come the troubles of dealing with extremely hot temperatures and discomfort, which, in most cases, can be tremendously harmful for your body, especially when subjected to physical efforts.

But working out in the great outdoors is one of the best things about dieting and exercising so how can we make sure that our health is not jeopardized and that we are still able to enjoy a nice workout in the sun?

The Teatox team has put together a list of tips, tricks and musts for protecting your body during the hot season and for successful workouts safe from the dangers lurking in the heat. The first thing you need to know is that heat resistance is not something that all people experience the same, but rather a property that depends on how fit you are, how healthy is your body and how used you are to physical workouts. If you are just starting to exercise after a lifetime spent on the couch, you will definitely experience more than a mild discomfort working out in hot weather, but luckily, there a few things you can do that will not only ease off the transition, but will have you better yourself and the results of your workouts.

The Basics of Working out in Hot Weather

Usually, the body needs about ten days of accommodation and training in order to grow its capacity of adapting to hot and humid weather, so factor that into your working out schedule. Start with light training sessions that will help you avoid overheating and remember that your brain will have the tendency to decrease muscular force and contraction speed in order to limit the production of extra heat. It is this production of extra heat that leads to symptoms similar to heat strokes.

Proper Working out Gear

In order to allow your body to efficiently tune its temperature, you must always work out in quality gear that will allow you to both sweat and dry off in the same time. Contrary to what you might think, cotton does not to a very good job in this cases, as it can absorb sweat for longer and also it can slow done the drying process, which is why it is best to wear equipment made from special synthetic fibers. That doesn’t mean you can work out in any synthetic clothing you have, you should buy your exercising gear from stores that are specialized in sports and training gear.

When to Exercise and the Importance of staying Hydrated

As you might have guessed, the time of day we choose to exercise is of utmost importance when it comes to hot weather. According to studies and professional trainers’ tips, it is best to work out in the mornings and evenings and to always be hydrated.

If you are training for a competition or are planning on subjecting your body to an intense physical work out, it is best to start your hydration regime with at least three days in advance so that your body has enough time to prepare for the event. During your exercises, it is indicated that you consume liquids every 20-30 minutes so that you can successfully replace the amount of liquid your body loses through sweat. The more liquids your body stores, the easier it is to fend off heat generated from intense workouts and from working out in high temperatures.  

Make sure to stay away from extremely cold liquids as they can induce digestive stress and can cause troubles for your circulation. Never drink a liquid (water, smoothies, etc.) with a temperatures below ten degrees. If drinking water is not something you enjoy doing, especially when working out, you can replace some of the water amount with one of our Teatox blends. You will not only get to enjoy a delicious drink, but also help your weight loss process and help your body function properly.

Dieting and Nutrition Habits

Another major aspect of achieving the perfect balance when exercising in hot weather is to always be careful of what you are eating before and after your workout sessions. The foods we feed our body can severely influence the way we are impacted by heat physical effort so make sure to always eat healthy and give your body a little bit of everything. Turn to fruits, vegetables, fibers and light proteins and don’t ever workout out immediately after you’ve had a big meal. 

Having all these aspects in mind and choosing a sport that you enjoy practicing, there is nothing stopping you from getting the most out of summer, improving your weight loss process and having fun along the way.

What are your favorite summer sports? Share your thoughts and experiences with us via Facebook or Instagram and remember: a Teatox a day keeps the weight away.

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