As you may already know, we are bringing out our customised eating plan for free very shortly. In the meantime, we thought we'd provide you with 5 New Year's Resolution Healthy Eating Tips. By the way, WELCOME to 2014! It sounds weird doesn't it?! Anyway, here's your 5 tips.


Resolution # 1 - Be Organised

If you plan ahead it makes it easier to prepare your healthy meals and ensures a large supply of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits into your week.


Resolution #2 - Colour, colour, colour


Having a wide range of different coloured fruit and vegetables ensures your consuming a range of vitamins, minerals and protective nutrients that offer antioxidant power!


Resolution #3 - There's nothing wrong with snacks!

Snacking can certainly have a place in your healthy diet! But make sure your keeping to healthy options such as vegetable sticks with dips, fruits and nuts.


Resolution #4 - Juice it up ladies

Fitting in a juice each day will boost your intake of fruit and veggies ladies! It will also provide a serious hit of vitamins and other nutrients as well.


Resolution #5 - Stay hydrated



And there you have it, 5 New Year's Resolution Healthy Eating Tips to start off 2014. We can't wait to provide you all with our free eating plan and wish you all nothing but the best with this up coming year!


Happy new years Teatoxers,

Love from the entire Teatox Team xx

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