Hello Teatoxers! We've come up with an absolutely wonderful idea and would like to share our visions of the future with you all over this blog post and via email to our now 1000+ subscribers.

How does it work?

At the end of each month, a percentage of every individual sale is donated to two chosen charities.
This monthly lump sum derived from sales is split in half and donated to two carefully selected charities for that particular month.
Teatox Australia is a worldwide organization and given this, we will be selecting a number of charities around the world. Substantial time and research is taken in selecting the charities to ensure both the donated funds are being adequately spent and further more, that their charitable efforts are legitimate.
With many charities in equal need of assistance, rest assured the selection process is not easy! We welcome you along this journey. At the close of each month you will receive an update educating you on the charity your purchase assisted.
When will Charity start?
Donations will be made for the very first time on the final day of this month (February 2014) and on the final day of each month consecutively after that. 
A little quote to finish the celebration of this beautiful creation.
"Philanthropy trumps the internal pleasure of even the tastiest cup of tea and here at Teatox Australia, we are passionate about giving back to the world."

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