A few months ago, we never would have dreamed to have the wide range of customers worldwide that we now have today! We have grown so much as a company and feel the next step in our growth, is to introduce customized Teatox Australia drinking mugs into our product range.

After many requests to bring these in, we have worked very hard in negotiation with our distributor to make the mugs as cheap as possible for you all! We have come to the conclusion that the mugs will be available for purchase from today (31/03/14) for a small price of $15AU including 100% free international postage.

You will receive your mug wrapped in bubble wrap ready to drink your amazing Detox Teatox or any other beverage you wish. If you are interested in wholesale purchases of our Teatox Australia Mugs, please contact us at contact@teatoxaustralia.com.

News on more product launches will be announced in January 2014.


Signing out from our first ever website news post,

Have a great day from the whole team here at Teatox Australia.

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