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Bananas are almost everyone’s go-to fruit. We can use them to make ice cream, put them in healthy shakes, or eat them as a snack between meals. Aside from the fact that they are incredibly tasty, bananas also have numerous health benefits and improve your well-being.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits of bananas and why you should consider adding them to your daily diet, if you haven’t already:

Bananas Help You Concentrate Better

When you are tired and feel like you can no longer properly concentrate on your work, have a banana. Due to its high potassium content, it will help you concentrate in no time and your mind will be ready to take on any challenge that comes its way.

Eat a Banana before Going to the Gym

We all know how important and good for our health it is to practice a sport regularly. But whether you are a professional athlete or are practicing a sport to stay in shape, you need energy to be able to go through your sessions successfully. If you eat one or two bananas before going to the gym you will have enough energy to face your training session and also to fight off any hunger sensations that might appear throughout the day.

Bananas are a Great Remedy for Depression

Because bananas contain o protein called tryptophan, protein which is processed in serotonin, they can help you fight off anxiety and depression. If you are not feeling like yourself lately, add some bananas to your diet and let serotonin do the rest. It will help you relax and improve your overall state.

Bananas Help Balance the Sugar in Your Blood

If you eat bananas regularly, whether as a snack or for breakfast, you can forget about worrying about the levels of sugar in your blood. Because bananas contain vitamin B6, they will regulate the sugar levels and help you feel better. Also, vitamin B6 is also great for fighting stress and help calm your nerves.

Bananas Help You Get Rid of Acid Reflux

If you are suffering from acid reflux consider bananas as a natural solution because they have a beneficial effect on the health of your stomach. Bananas will relieve the burning in your stomach, as they are anti-acid fruits, which is also the reason why people suffering from various stomach conditions are allowed, even recommended, to consume them.

Lower the Risk of Vascular Diseases

Did you know that the plain banana can help you lower the risk of vascular diseases? Because of its potassium content, they can also be used in treating high blood pressure. All in all, bananas are excellent in matters of the heart and they should be a part of any diet.

Bananas Can Replace Laxatives

If you are having digestive problems, forget about turning to pharmaceutical products for help. What you need is fiber. And if cereals are not your favorite food, you can easily turn to bananas for help, as they have a high content of fibers. Eaten regularly, bananas will fix your digestive problems and make you forget all about laxatives.

Banana Peels Can Treat Bug Bites

Every time a bug bites you or your skin itches, you only need to rub the area with the interior part of a banana peel and you will feel better in no time. This doesn’t mean that you have to walk around carrying a banana peel in your bag just in case of bug bites, but you should remember this before turning to pharmaceutical help, just in case there’s a banana around.

Hangover Cure

One of the most efficient methods for getting rid of a hangover is to drink a banana and honey milkshake. The bananas will calm your stomach and the honey will balance the sugar levels in your blood. With the milk acting as a hydrating agent, you will be on your feet in no time.


Other known health benefits of bananas: reduce morning sickness, decrease your temperature in case of a cold, help with treating stomach diseases, help your nervous system or cool down the burning feeling in your stomach. Regardless of whether you need them for your health or simply enjoy eating them, bananas are among the best fruits to introduce in your diet.


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