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Have you ever wondered what makes your skin lose its glow and youthful appearance with the passing of the years? When we think about wrinkles or aging, we usually think about the exterior effects of time, and not about what truly happens inside of us that makes our skin lose its elasticity. Luckily, medical researchers are doing this for us, and results can now state with certainty what happens when out skin ages and how can we delay the process.

We are not going to talk about popular anti-aging methods such as creams, sun protection or drinking plenty of water, as those are already on everyone’s mind when it comes to finding solutions for dealing with aging skin. Instead, we are going to go a little deeper into the problem and talk about what happens to the skin at a cellular level with the passing of time, and what you can do to prolong your youthful appearance.

Why Does Our Skin Age?

So what really happens with our bodies that leads to the aging of our skin? We know now that the sun has a nasty effect, which is why it is advised to never be without sun protection, but are there other influences or are we going to be young forever just by applying a cream? Unfortunately, the solution is not that simple, and our skin will continue to age, regardless of our attempts to protect it from the sun. But why?

The fibroblasts in our skin produce collagen, a substance that is responsible for the flexible and beautiful nature of our skin. When producing the collagen, the fibroblasts also create a net-resembling structure and remain attached to the collagen, keeping it stretched and firm. With the passing of time and due to factors such as bad nutrition, the collagen production decrease, the bonds break and our skin becomes saggy and wrinkly.

We researched some of the factors that influence collagen production and put together a list of things you can change in relation to your nutrition habits, in order to improve collagen production and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Let’s see what those factors are:

Eating Colorful Vegetables and Fruits

You probably heard this before but as much as this little rule is passed on in magazines and blogs, little is said about why we should make this change. Bright-colored fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, blueberries, red grapes and more are excellent in helping our body fight with free radicals and increase collagen production. Make sure to add colorful fruits and vegetables to your daily diet if you want to keep your skin looking younger. From colorful salads to purple smoothies, anything goes. And aren’t they all delicious?

Choosing Bitter Vegetables

Not everyone is a fan of eating bitter vegetables. But did you know that vegetables such as broccoli, radishes, dandelion greens and others are packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs in order pro produce collagen? Also, bitter vegetables help your body detoxify and help you lose weight faster.

Introducing Oily Fish into Your Diet

Eating fish is one of the healthiest choices you can make, regardless of the reasons you are choosing to do so. From losing weight to staying healthy or in shape, fish helps you achieve your goals and brings variety into your diet. But did you know that the good fats found in fish help your skin stay younger for longer? If you want to help your body produce collagen, make sure to eat fish regularly.

Avoiding Starchy Foods

As delicious as rice, potatoes or wheat products are, as bad are for your skin. If you want to help your skin stay younger for longer, your diet shouldn’t not include starchy foods. Or at least, you should try to have them as rare as possible.

Avoiding Sugar

Not a day goes by without a new research showing how bad sugar is for us. Studies conducted by cosmetic and medical companies regarding the relationship between sugars and aging have revealed some concerning results. People who eat lots of sugar and have a high glycemic index are also the one who look older and lose the firmness of their skin faster. So if you want to look ten years younger, get rid of sugar today.


When it comes to looking younger, no matter how many cosmetic products you use, the results will still be minimal if you do not accompany them by a healthy diet, oriented towards helping your body produce collagen and maintain the strong bonds between fibroblasts and collagen. If you chose to add one of our Teatox blends to your diet, the process will be even more successful, as your body will be detoxified and ready to function at proper parameters.


What are your secrets for a younger skin? Have you noticed the effects nutrition has on your skin? Share your experience with us via Facebook and Instagram and make a change in your diet today, as time forgive no one, nor does it wait for us to make the right decisions.


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