The Value and Principles of Mindful Fitness

Marina Andreas

Everyone that engages in a diet and fitness routine has different goals in mind. but, whatever personal fitness goals you may have, it is important to exercise in a more mindful way, if you wish to get better results both short and long term. Mindful exercise will give meaning to your workouts and make you feel motivated enough to continue. Here are the top principles of mindful fitness.

5 Herbs That Beat Stress and Anxiety

Marina Andreas

Do you suffer from daily stress and anxiety? Thankfully, you can do something about it before your stress levels take a toll on your health--try these herbs as natural alternatives to keep your stress levels under control.

Top 5 Foods For Better Immune System Function

Marina Andreas

Have you noticed lately that you catch colds or infections all the time? If so, perhaps your immune system needs a boost. If you wish to treat and prevent any immune system problems and make your system fight intruders and disease more effectively, you can do so through your diet.

These foods have been proven to be very useful for enhancing the function of your immune system...

Is your weight-loss diet unhealthy? Signs that you should reconsider your diet habits…

Marina Andreas

The importance of following a healthy and balanced diet is a topic emphasized again and again by doctors and nutritionists alike. Yet, there are lots of diet trends that may seem popular but aren't healthy in the long run. If you experience any of these signs, you should definitely change your diet.

5 Hidden Health Factors That Influence Your Diet’s Success

Marina Andreas

Have you ever tried to get rid of your extra weight through diet or exercise but weren’t very successful, despite your vigorous attempts?. If you are following a diet and exercise regime religiously but the scale still won't go down, perhaps you should find out if any of these health factors make weight loss extra hard...

4 Awesome Healthier Alternatives to your Favorite Fast-Food & Drinks

Marina Andreas

Whether we wish to admit it or not, we all have devoured a burger or pizza countless of times. The cost, however, is big for our body and health. If you wish to enjoy your favorite fast foods minus the guilt, here some healthier yet equally delicious alternatives...

4 Mild Exercise Ideas for Mature Ladies

Marina Andreas

A secret to achieving longevity and slowing down the aging process is definitely mindful exercise. If you are 45+ and wish to keep yourself fit in a healthy manner, here are some mild yet efficient exercises that will help keep your muscles toned and your posture balanced. 

“Intuitive” Eating: How this new diet trend can benefit your health and body line

Marina Andreas

Have you heard of the latest diet trend? Intuitive eating is a smart eating behavior which calls for eating only when we really feel hungry and stop when eating full. Learn how to apply mindful and intuitive eating to keep your waistline and health under control.

Post-Holiday Diet Tips: How To Lose Weight Gained In The Holidays Fast

Marina Andreas

Have the holidays left you with some extra weight as usual? This actually pretty common. Don't stress, thanks to the tips highlighted in the article, you can lose weight as fast as you have gained it...

3+1 Tips To Easily Achieve Your 2019 Fitness Goals

fitness goal mistakesMarina Andreas

Have you failed again and again to achieve your new year's fitness goals and resolutions? If yes, then you are probably doing something wrong. Find out what mistakes you are making and how to achieve your 2019 fitness goals easily in this article...

How To Restart Your Metabolism

Marina Andreas

Have you ever experienced a sluggish metabolism or generally have trouble losing weight (and keeping it)? Here are some tips to help kickstart your metabolism and make it function at its peak so you can lose weight easily and fast.

Healthy Vegeterian Meal Ideas Under 300 Calories

Marina Andreas

Are you a vegetarian with a genuine concern about your weight? If you wish to keep following a vegan diet that makes you lose weight without depriving yourself of nutrients, here are some healthy and delicious vegan meal ideas under 300 calories to try out...