If you already started a diet but feel like giving up due to lack of energy, motivation or simply because the diet “sucks” or is just too strict, don’t be hard on yourself--we’ve all been there.

However, you can do something or should we say “things” to make your diet easier and more pleasant so you can keep going without any temptations to give up. Here are some tips:

Have you favorite junk food or treat in its healthier version. If you been craving a cheeseburger or chocolate chip cookies for days, you can sort of “give-in” to your temptation by trying a healthier version of it. For instance, if you crave a hamburger you can try making your own burger with lean beef, spices, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and wholewheat burger buns. Nearly all junk foods have their healthier variations which are just as delicious and filling. Check this previous article for some great ideas.

Pack in the protein. If all you are eating is salads and boiled veggies--only to feel hungry after just a couple of hours and prone to binge-eating stop. Whether you follow a vegetarian or a carnivore diet,  you still need good amounts of protein to fill yourself up and reduce hunger episodes. Meals packed with high amounts of protein plus complex carbs e.g salmon with sweet potato jacket or chickpeas with chicken sausage will work best in filling your belly up and keeping you full for longer.

Add more spices and healthy sauces to your dishes. Up until a few years ago, diets were very uncreative--imagine having to eat steamed broccoli and bland grilled chicken breast 3X a week. However, there are plenty of healthy sauces, marinades and spice combos that help add more flavor and dimension to your dishes. Some good and versatile examples you can use in multiple recipes: homemade tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, mustard, low-sodium soy sauce, gravy, hummus, tahini sauce, hot sauce all types of broths and all spices and herbs.

Eat plenty of healthy snacks throughout the day. If you find yourself feeling hungry at random times throughout the day, this is a sign that your body needs more fuel--and you have your body this. Every time you feel hungry, have a quick snack e.g a protein bar of carrot sticks with hummus to ease your hunger till the next meal. Stock up your fridge or cabinet with healthy snacks and toss up any unhealthy ones to stay away from temptations. As the old saying goes “out of sight is out of mind” so only keep healthy stuff that you see and eat.

Eat out once in a while. If you are already bored with your diet and preparing your own meals, perhaps it’s time to go out or order a healthy meal to your doorstep. You don’t have to go to a fancy healthy restaurant to try something different that you can’t easily make at home. The majority of restaurants nowadays and even fast food chains have a few healthy meal options like salads,  steaks, rice, grilled seafood, veggies, or even wholewheat pasta. And many offer delivery services so there is literally no excuse to avoid trying something different once in a while--of course it’s going to cost you more but a little variety once in a while doesn’t hurt.

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