Have you ever felt the urge to reach out for a comfort-y food or snack but ended up feeling guilty about it?? Or worse it made you feel bloated and just plain uncomfortable? Everybody loves comfort food, but sadly, most store bough snacks and foods are loaded with unnecessary calories, carbs, sugar, and other things that are plain bad for you.

Instead of munching on food that will make you fat and unhealthy, here are some healthier yet delicious and filling alternatives:

1. Switch potato crisps with trail mix or dried seaweed. A regular pack of salted potato crisps contains a whopping 536 calories (yes, it’s so much that you can consider it a meal on its own). Not only that, crisps are often made of unhealthy oils and artificial flavorings added which make matters even worse for your health. If you are craving potato crisps, this a sign maybe that your body needs more sodium and iodine. Try a trail mix of mixed nuts, or dried seaweed or kale instead to satisfy your craving for potato crisps. Sweet potato and taro fries are also great alternatives if you fancy a note of sweetness.

2. Replace chocolate chip cookies with your own healthy DIY ones. Everybody loves some chocolate chip cookies but since the average person eats at least 5 in a row, calories and sugars will quickly pile up to a very high amount. A good alternative option whenever your crave cookies is doing your own by using only 3-4 basic ingredients. Here is a good healthy recipe that’s so easy, even a kid can make it: mush 1-2 ripe bananas, add ⅓ of dark chocolate chips, and ⅕ cup oatmeal and mix together well. Make around 15 round and flattened balls with the mixture and pop in the oven for 13-15 minutes at 350F/180C.  

3. Make your own healthy pizza instead of a regular one. Pizza is another favorite comfort food that is a huge calorie bomb, due to the high amount of carbs and fats it contains. In fact, a single slice of Margherita pizza (minus the toppings) yields 250 calories on average so imagine how fatty other kinds of pizzas with more toppings can be. Here is a good, satisfying recipe that you can make easily at home: take two corn flour tortillas, spread 2 tbsp of low sugar tomato sauce over each, and top with some mozzarella or feta cheese crumbles. Add black olives and corn and some basil or oregano on top and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. We promise this is so good, you will make it often.

Drink-wise, if you are a lover of coffee, fizzy drinks and packed fruit juices or squashes, you have to also make some replacements or your junk food switching diet will be totally useless. Try drinking water with fruit slices of your choice to make water taste more interesting, or try making your own herbal iced tea with natural sweeteners. You simply brew it as it’s hot and then let it chill and refrigerate for at least 3 hours prior drinking it. DIY smoothies are also great but make sure that you combine your fruits with some veggies or the natural sugars will rise up. e.g add some spinach and kale to your apple and banana smoothie.

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